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A peaceful vineyard somewhere in the warm countryside, ripe and ready for a stray fireball to set it ablaze.

Vineyard RPG Battle Map - Banner

Scenery like this is commonplace in my corner of Australia, and something I’ve admired while on the road countless times. So, besides orchards/vineyards/fields being a hotly requested subject, this map is quite close to home. 🙂

It’s a simple one, and quite deliberately so. I wanted to follow the grid quite precisely in this case, since rows of grapevines lent so well to it. I chose to cut it in twain with a path to spice it up, and also added a few gaps in the vines for a little bit of tactical decision-making.

I can already imagine spells and arrows flying through the leaves at obscured foes. Can you? If so, let us all know what sort of encounter you’re thinking of in the comments!

And if you have creative-block, allow Troy to lend you his encounter below…

Troy’s Vineyard Encounter

Vineyard workers have been attacked by creatures that lurk in the plants. Their employer wants the attacks to cease and work to resume.

What the vineyard owner lacks in likeability, he makes up for in coin. He is rude and condescending, initially disregarding the attacks on his workers as they returned stinking of alcohol. But now his bottom line is affected. Recent injuries from unseen attackers have brought work to a halt and the owner has posted a bounty to put the situation to an end. He wants the threat killed or driven off, preferably with no damage to his property.

But what has been attacking the workers? The alcohol on their breath and blurred memories tell one story, but the scratches and claw marks are undeniable. There are creatures in the vineyard. Were they animated by a dryad, drawn to the area? Or perhaps a rival vineyard has sought to eliminate their competition?

Describing the vineyard

The grass gives a soft crunch as you step to the edge of the vineyard. Your eyes follow the dirt path as it continues through the rows of foliage where the grass has been worn by years of workers’ footsteps. Every few feet, another green alleyway extends to either side. Staring down the path tricks your eyes for a moment, seeming to stretch on for eternity.
A warm, gentle breeze rolls through as you continue forward. It fills the air with the scents of fruits and flowers, carried from the many fields and all their products. Leaves rustle in the wind around you. Each wave parts them for just a moment to reveal contrasting flashes of the many purple, blue, and red berries. The colors are vibrant and the day is warm and serene. It is a sight normally reserved for artworks, and yet here you stand.

Another rush of wind passes by as you walk down the path. The rows of plants shift in its wake, filling the area with white noise. But there is something beneath it. Movement. Not footsteps, but a distinct flash of sound from one line of vines to another. You look over and, sure enough, see no legs walking between the trunks. Then you hear it again, now more clearly. Something leaps between vines out of sight, splitting branches as it moves. Slowly watching the plants around you, you begin to make out dense, clustered shapes within the leaves.

Vineyard Mephit

Vineyard Mephit Stat Block
Click to zoom in

A collection of animated vines and plant matter, formed in the shape of a mephit. Its wings are vibrant branches and leaves with which it floats in the wind, lifting the hard, wooden shell of its body. Grapes and berries can be seen clustered in its chest.
These fruits drain to fuel the mephit’s Fermented Breath but are quickly regrown by the magic sustaining it. When killed, they rapidly spread across its body before bursting.
The mephit is able to use the fermented berries on its body to cast Mirror Image, appearing to blur and double like one might see it after one too many drinks.

Vineyard mephits are the perfect minion for a dryad celebrating the revelrous culture of the wine country. They are also known to be drawn to festivals and other events near their vineyard homes.

– by Troy McConnell
More content by Troy

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