The ‘Arena of Earth’ Stepwell Battle Map

A dried-up stepwell that now serves as the training grounds for reclusive monks. This 44×32 battle map features a lot of exciting elevation!

Ross McConnell

The Wizarding School Great Hall

Immerse your players in our 32×44 great hall gaming map, an expansive room lit by the colorful glow of mosaic glass.

Ross McConnell

Rousing the Ruins – Desert Ruin Encounter for D&D 5E

Desert sands have parted to reveal the entrance to an ancient ruin. But elementals stand between the party and their possibly cursed prize.

Troy McConnell

The Forgotten Monastery Interior Battle Map

A large fantasy battle map of a crumbling mountaintop monastery. Undeniably a dramatic location for a memorable encounter!

Ross McConnell

The Ancient Desert Temple Battle Map

A large 44×32 battle map featuring a limestone temple in the midst of a large desert. VTT and printable PDF files both included.

Ross McConnell

The Forgotten Monastery Battle Map

A ruin at the top of a rocky mountaintop, once a monastery and now a place for desperate travellers to escape the harsh weather.

Ross McConnell

The Celestial Temple Battle Map

A 22×16 fantasy battle map of a grand cathedral dedicated to the celestial bodies. Dungeondraft, PDF, and virtual tabletop files inside.

Ross McConnell

Japanese Castle Maps & Assets

An enormous 32×44 inch Japanese castle battle map ready for print or virtual tabletop. Are your players up to the challenge?

Ross McConnell

The Jungle Podium Maps & Assets

An Aztec-inspired stone podium set in a jungle clearing. Inside the download there are battle maps ready for Roll20 and PDFs for printing.

Ross McConnell

The Desert Temple Battle Map

An ancient Egyptian battle map of a grand temple entrance. Inside the download, virtual tabletop files for Roll20 and PDFs for printing.

Ross McConnell