New Dungeon Wall & Floor Assets!

65 new hand-drawn map assets, including dungeon-themed walls, doors, stairs, rubble, and floor textures! Now with CSP ribbon brushes.

Ross McConnell

The Arena of Fire Battle Map

A high-fantasy battle map depicting a large stone arena surrounded by burning lava. It’s 44×32 and prepped for VTT or print!

Ross McConnell

The Ancient Desert Temple Battle Map

A large 44×32 battle map featuring a limestone temple in the midst of a large desert. VTT and printable PDF files both included.

Ross McConnell

The Forgotten Monastery Battle Map

A ruin at the top of a rocky mountaintop, once a monastery and now a place for desperate travellers to escape the harsh weather.

Ross McConnell

Jon’s Battle Maps

Jon (uchideshi34) has generously contributed a wide range of brilliantly detailed fantasy battle maps. Downloads included!

Ross McConnell

The Celestial Temple Battle Map

A 22×16 fantasy battle map of a grand cathedral dedicated to the celestial bodies. Dungeondraft, PDF, and virtual tabletop files inside.

Ross McConnell

Into the Bramblejade, Part 2

The party must brave the Bramblejade and reach Verdantguard tower. But are they ready for the dangers and secrets that await within?

Troy McConnell

Custom Buildings – Assets for Dungeondraft & More

Floor textures, walls, rubble, and more. Assets for building any sort of wood-and-stone building maps you might need, in Dungeondraft and PNG formats.

Ross McConnell


A 11×8 stable / barn battle map with both printable and digital files. Download for free or support us with pay-what-you-want. Enjoy!

Ross McConnell

Ruined Keep Battle Map

A square keep in the norman style split into seven different layers and many more rooms. An excellent stronghold for player characters and baddies alike.

Ross McConnell