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A decorated wooden throne commands a small war camp surrounded by walls of wood-carved spikes.

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Goblin Camp battle map - Banner - Large

This month Connor Johnston has been constructing this village and its many, many spiky things. Between the trophy tusks and pointy barricades, just approaching its center is a hazardous endeavor.

The north end of the map is dominated by a ruined tower in which a goblin throne now stands watching over the tents camped to its south. Around the whole complex are fallen trees lashed together with rope and wooden spikes.

David has even created some new war-painted goblins to accompany this map. Find them waiting for you inside the ZIP!

What might bring your players here? Sending a power-hungry goblin king packing is motivation enough for most adventurers, but it will be no easy feat… Oh, and goblins do love taming wild beasts – what sort might a king be keeping close at hand?

I’m eager to hear your ideas, so please leave them in the comments! As always, have fun. 🙂

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