A long-dead behemoth has rotted away to bleached bone here, yet out of its open mouth still pools viscous blood…

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What this creature was, how old it is, or how it was killed are all mysteries. All that is known, is that blood persistently pools outside its open maw. It’s no shock then that this would be a popular gathering place for dark ritualists, carnivorous beasts, and things worse and otherwordly…

Tell me, what is your imagination whispering to you? What encounter can you think of for this strange and uninviting place, and what reason would you give your players to approach it at all?

Let us all know in the comments!




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  1. Here are three ideas off the top of my head that you can feel free to use:

    1. The creature crawled up towards the surface from the deepest parts of the earth. In its exertions to reach the sunlight, it became infected with other, smaller creatures, which killed the behemoth just as it reached its goal. The infection has since grown, multiplied and mutated within…

    2. From somewhere well above the clouds, a luminous, winged creature stared down at the behemoth slain by its elders. The creature was believed to be but a herald of an army gathering in the depths. Where the rest of the army was, what their ranks were composed of, which eldritch weapons of darkness they possessed was all unknown. With a heavy sigh, knowing what its actions would cause, the winged creature called forth blood to pool about the behemoth’s remains to attract the dark army, as well as adventurers to face the first wave. Once the first wave was repelled, the winged creature would gather any surviving adventurers to it in preparation for what would follow – and it would be worse.

    3. The sprites of the valley sought to distress and scare the mercenaries by conjuring illusions of blood. What they did not expect was that another creature lurking among the bones had the power to make illusions turn real; a creature who would not only make the blood real, but also capture the sprites to torture them into creating more phantasms to transform to dark reality.

    Let me know if you need more ideas.

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Published: May 7, 2018
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