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A nameless ruin atop a bleak plateau. Only birds live here now, and the locals give it a wide berth.

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This battle map is a 32×22″ scene created by Rootyful. Time has worn this ancient monastery down nearly to the ground, and yet it refuses to disappear completely. Notably, the statue in its courtyard seems almost untouched…

In my mind, this ruin is completely inhospitable and the only people you’re likely to find here are fugitives and runaways. That said, the locals say it is haunted by much worse. Perhaps the rumors are true?

Forgotten Monastery - Mountaintop - combined - Day (32x23)

I’d love to hear what ideas come to your mind when you look over this map. Is the statue a key to some puzzle? Who (or what) might dwell here despite the climate? Does a certain monster come to mind? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments. 🙂

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