Dazzling white snow drifts, soft fir trees, and other winter-themed battle map assets.
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It’s Christmas come early! The snow assets are finally here. Yes, they have been a hotly requested pack for some time now, and I was recently struck with such precise inspiration that I couldn’t keep them in my head any longer.

Inside this pack you will find a palette of cliffs, cracks, trees, and bushes. Stones, piles, roofs, and ledges. All the essentials, and more besides!

The only thing I deliberately left out was floor textures. A good texture takes some doing, and I’d prefer to make a better quality, more comprehensive pack resembling the Ocean Textures pack. So, please look forward to that! In the meantime – as you can see in the map variants – a pure white canvas does wonders. 🙂

I hope these scratch your custom-snowy-battle-map itch! Let me know if I’ve missed anything, as I can always sneak it into a future asset pack. And, as always, I’d love to see what you create! Please tag me – you find find my socials below…


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Snowy Map Asset Downloads

You can download the high-res printable and digital files below. Thank you for your support! It’s thanks to you that I can keep making these maps and assets. 🙂

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Published: August 15, 2020

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