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The pinnacle of Greybanner’s traditions is its Grand Tournament. Occurring once every ten years, the Tournament is a chance for fighters of all kinds to test themselves against their peers. Victors of the decade’s other competitions return alongside new entrants in the pursuit of being named the single Grand Champion. Gold and renown await whoever succeeds. But doing so will be far from easy. Any adventurer looking to participate will find themselves facing fighters of all experience levels and all with the determination to win.

As an extension to our coverage of the Greybanner Arena, we now cover the Grand Tournament. This event is the central draw to the Arena during the adventure. It is the core around which other events and adventures orbit, as well as a persistent activity for the characters to take part in. But to run a Tournament, you need fighters. That is why we’ve tortured ourselves by developing a full roster of 35 entrants and 2 returning Champions. With them, you can confidently run a Tournament full of believable, varied warriors for your characters to face. And perhaps one of the characters may even emerge as the Grand Champion?

Refer back to our previous article, ‘Greybanner Arena, Part 1: Arena Activities‘, for context on the Arena’s operations and other events.

Tournament Operations

The Greybanner Grand Tournament is the center of the town’s attention. It is a bracketed tournament that pits fighters against each other in single combat. Members of the Arena’s management spend weeks prior to its commencement ensuring that the Tournament, Silversteel Challenge, and the many background workings run smoothly. Fortunately, the Tournament follows the already-established basic operations and rules of the Arena itself.

Entry. Entering the Grand Tournament requires a fee of 5 gp each, paid to the appropriate teller in the Arena’s entrance prior to the beginning of the first round. Fighters must also provide their name, as well as any notable achievements or titles that they wish to be included in their introduction. They are made immediately aware of the Arena’s rules and the Tournament calendar.

If he was escorted safely and the characters ask, Anton Ducasse will happily pay for their entry to the Tournament. He simply asks that they pay him back with the winnings that he is sure they will acquire.

Prize money. The winners of each day of the Grand Tournament can collect their winnings from the Arena’s entrance after that day’s bouts. Each round of the Tournament awards an increasing amount of gold, with a bonus for being named Champion. The rewards per round are as follows:

Treasure Hoard RPG Map Assets, Preview
Want your players to really feel rewarded? Shower them in our Treasure Assets, found here.

Round 1: 20 gp
Round 2: 50 gp
Round 3: 100 gp
Round 4: 200 gp
Round 5: 400 gp, the title of ‘Champion’ and the Ring of the Greybanner Champion, as well as their name inscribed in the Arena’s entrance.

When determining the prize money for the characters, remember to include any additional gold from their efforts to spread word of themselves, as covered under the Arena’s Betting section.

People around town are also sure to react to a fighter’s success in different ways. Popular fighters who celebrate in a tavern after their bout, for instance, may find themselves receiving free meals from the crowd or the tavern’s proprietor. Anton Ducasse and other merchants may advertise their friendship to characters that make it past round 2. These are great ways to show a character’s growing success and popularity in Greybanner and reward players with non-monetary bonuses.

Ring of the Greybanner Champion
Wondrous item, uncommon (requires attunement by the Champion of the Greybanner Grand Tournament)
As part of attuning to this item, you bind a single weapon that is within your reach to it. While bound to a weapon this way, you receive several benefits:
The weapon becomes a +1 silvered weapon if it is not already.
As a bonus action while wearing the ring, you can banish the weapon to a demiplane or summon it back into your hand.
You can’t be disarmed of the weapon unless you are incapacitated.
Only one weapon can be bound this way at a time. While attuned to the ring, you can spend 1 hour to perform a ritual binding it to a different weapon, which can be done as part of a short or long rest. If your attunement ends for any reason, the bond breaks and the weapon loses its benefits and appears at your side if it was in its demiplane.

Tournament rules. The Grand Tournament follows all of the Arena’s rules, as well as those for spectating and betting on fights. The importance of the Grand Tournament means that Greybanner authorities are quicker to disqualify fighters for offenses such as fighting outside of the Arena or disobeying rules.

Arena traps. Each round of the Grand Tournament features a number of Arena traps equal to the round number (e.g. one in the first round, five in the Champion fight). Fighters are aware that the Arena features traps, but never which traps are present or where.

Pairings and Tournament Fighter Ratings

Fighter pairings for each round are decided at the end of the previous round and posted the following morning within the Arena, as well as on notice boards around Greybanner. These brackets are decided randomly, though the Arena does estimate each fighter’s ability to determine their odds in a fight.

For background calculations and categories, we refer to these rankings as ‘tournament fighter ratings’. They function the same as fighter ratings do in the Silversteel Challenge for simulating fights that do not involve the party, as well as in betting calculations. For more information, refer back to the ‘Spectating‘ and ‘Betting‘ sections of the Arena itself.

To determine a character’s tournament fighter rating, simply multiply their character level by 2. This value should give you and the character an idea of where they stand in comparison to other entrants. For the sake of balance and to not discourage players, it is advised to pair them against a Tier 5 fighter in the first round, giving them the best chance of initial success.

Fighter ratings and tournament fighter ratings are an important element in running the Arena but they do not exist within the world of the adventure. Characters around Greybanner and that the party meet should not directly mention a fighter’s rating. Instead, use them as guides for the popularity, reputation, and expectation for an entrant. Townsfolk will gossip about pairings in terms of who is more likely to succeed, even directly approaching fighters to discuss their next opponent. These are good ways to also let a character know that they must prepare for a difficult fight, or who might be a prime opportunity for betting. Even the Arena itself, when listing fighters’ odds, will present them as payout comparisons rather than directly referencing ratings.

Tournament Calendar

The Greybanner Grand Tournament and its associated festivities take place over a period of 21 days. The first day consists of opening celebrations and an announcement from Yvette Esterland, followed by a duel between the two previous Tournament Champions. For this Tournament, they are Arland Farrow and Esme Kal’barar. Their bout, which acts as much as a performance than as a contest, marks the Tournament’s official commencement.

Five rounds of fights then follow, with the victors of each round proceeding to the next and losers being eliminated. These bouts are preceded by and interspersed with rounds of the Silversteel Challenge. Each day holds a maximum of four bouts and each Tournament round is separated by two days of Silversteel Challenge bouts. These allow Tournament fighters to rest and recuperate between their fights. Finally, a day of closing celebrations follows the final bout to conclude the events, with travelers and visitors leaving Greybanner in the days afterward.

A calendar of the Tournament’s primary events is given to every fighter and spectator as part of the process for signing up or purchasing a ticket. Copies are also posted around Greybanner and available from most local businesses.

Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7
Opening bout between previous ChampionsSilversteel Challenge Round 1
Day 1
Bouts: 2
Silversteel Challenge Round 1
Day 2
Bouts: 2
Tournament Round 1
Day 1
Bouts: 4
Tournament Round 1
Day 2
Bouts: 4
Tournament Round 1
Day 3
Bouts: 4
Tournament Round 1
Day 4
Bouts: 4
Day 8Day 9Day 10Day 11Day 12Day 13Day 14
Silversteel Challenge Round 2
Day 1
Bouts: 2
Silversteel Challenge Round 2
Day 2
Bouts: 2
Tournament Round 2
Day 1
Bouts: 4
Tournament Round 2
Day 2
Bouts: 4
Silversteel Challenge Round 3
Day 1
Bouts: 2
Silversteel Challenge Round 3
Day 2
Bouts: 2
Tournament Round 3
Bouts: 4
Day 15Day 16Day 17Day 18Day 19Day 20Day 21
Silversteel Challenge Round 4
Day 1
Bouts: 2
Silversteel Challenge Round 4
Day 2
Bouts: 2
Tournament Round 4: Semi-finals
Bouts: 2
Silversteel Challenge Round 5
Day 1
Bouts: 2
Silversteel Challenge Round 5
Day 2
Bouts: 2
Tournament Round 5: Champion FightClosing celebrations

The events of the adventure will take place within this same calendar. To accommodate this, each leg of the adventure will be designed to fit within the characters’ time constraints and Arena commitments. This should give them the ability to accomplish everything they seek to do while maintaining the event’s structure. This is also one of the key reasons that the characters are given a copy of the calendar: to allow them to mark when they are needed and plan their endeavors accordingly.

Twisting Trail Battle Map
Players’ journey begins a day before the calendar, on the road to Greybanner. Refer back to our Introduction article to see where it all starts!

Running the Tournament

The process for running the Tournament can be easily broken down into each round and what it requires. To keep track of the process, following these steps:

Before the Tournament

Roll to create Tier 5 fighters. Follow the instructions for creating Tier 5 fighters under the ‘Tier 5 Fighters‘ heading. You will need 9 in total, including any player characters that enter.

Roll for characters’ opponents. Roll 1d8 (or appropriate die) on the list of Tier 5 fighters, avoiding pitting players against each other. This serves to give the characters the best chance of winning at least one round.

Roll for the rest of the roster. Divide the list of other fighters in half, making sure to divide each tier as evenly as possible. For each fighter on one half, roll to determine their opponent from the other half using a single appropriate die (d20, d12, or d10). The exact number of fighters on either side, as well as the die you roll, will depend on the number of party members participating.

It is important to use a single die when rolling for opponents. This is due to the average result of the dice rolled becoming more likely as the number of dice increases, while the minimum result also increases. This means that, if you are rolling in a pool of 16 fighters (for Round 2), it is better to use a d20 than 2d8. Simply leave the results that exceed the number of fighters empty, and reroll any time your result is one of those results.
For example, Round 2 features 16 fighters, including the players. To determine each player’s opponent, assign a number to every fighter other than the player (15 total). You then roll a d20 and simply reroll any number that is not assigned to a fighter (any result over 15).

Round 1

Dungeon Trap Tokens, page 2
Each round features a new set of traps, which we covered in our ‘Greybanner Coliseum: Arena Traps and Hazards‘ article.

Roll for time slot. Roll 1d4 to determine the day, and another 1d4 to determine the time on that day. Make sure the character is aware and makes a note.

Roll for traps. Follow the instructions and roll 1 time on the Arena Traps table and place them in the Arena.

After the round…

Award prize money. 20 gp that characters can collect from the Arena’s entrance.

Determine victors. Simulate other bouts that the characters do not spectate by rolling the fighters’ tournament fighter ratings against each other until either side reaches 3 successes.

Roll for character’s opponent in the next round. Roll 1d20 on the list of remaining fighters, rerolling results of 16-20 as there are only 15 fighters remaining (excluding the character themself).

Roll for the rest of the roster. Divide the list of other fights in half and roll for their opponents in the next round.

Round 2

Roll for time slot. Roll 1d8 to determine the day and time, ranging from ‘Day 1, Bout 1’ to ‘Day 2, Bout 4’. Make sure the character is aware and makes a note.

Roll for traps. Follow the instructions and roll 2 times on the Arena Traps table and place them in the Arena.

After the round…

Award prize money. 50 gp that characters can collect from the Arena’s entrance.

Determine victors. Simulate other bouts that the characters do not spectate by rolling the fighters’ tournament fighter ratings against each other until either side reaches 3 successes.

Roll for character’s opponent in the next round. Roll 1d8 on the list of all remaining fighters, rerolling if the character rolls themself as a result.

Roll for the rest of the roster. Divide the list of other fights in half and roll for their opponents in the next round.

Round 3

Roll for time slot. Roll 1d4 to determine the time on Day 14. Make sure the character is aware and makes a note.

Roll for traps. Follow the instructions and roll 3 times on the Arena Traps table and place them in the Arena.

After the round…

Award prize money. 100 gp that characters can collect from the Arena’s entrance.

Determine victors. Simulate other bouts that the characters do not spectate by rolling the fighters’ tournament fighter ratings against each other until either side reaches 3 successes.

Roll for character’s opponent in the next round. Roll 1d4 on the list of all remaining fighters, rerolling if the character rolls themself as a result.

Roll for the rest of the roster. Divide the list of other fights in half and roll for their opponents in the next round.

Round 4

Roll for time slot. Roll 1d2 to determine the time on Day 17. Make sure the character is aware and makes a note.

Roll for traps. Follow the instructions and roll 4 times on the Arena Traps table and place them in the Arena.

After the round…

Award prize money. 200 gp that characters can collect from the Arena’s entrance.

Determine the victor. Simulate the other bout, if the characters do not spectate it, by rolling the fighters’ tournament fighter ratings against each other until either side reaches 3 successes.

Round 5

Roll for traps. Follow the instructions and roll 5 times on the Arena Traps table and place them in the Arena.

After the round…

Celebrate. Yvette Esterland will emerge as soon as the victor is decided. She will celebrate both fighters and present the newest Grand Champion to the crowd, as well as calling any victors of the Silversteel Challenge to join them.

The Grand Tournament’s Champion fight and following celebrations are also central moments in the adventure. As such, additional descriptions of their events, dialogue, and other details will be covered as part of that section. The Tournament may be over, but the adventure is not!

Tournament Fighters

There are 32 total fighters in the current Grand Tournament, as well as two visiting, previous Champions. Fighters are arranged into tiers based on their skill and experience, represented by their tournament fighter ratings.

Tournament characters are given varying amounts of detail in accordance with their tier and how long they are expected to remain in the Tournament, and thus the adventure. The longer they are relevant, the more likely it is for the party to meet, face, or befriend them. This helps cut down on the number of characters that you need to maintain within Greybanner. Focus on those with more detail and specifically expand on the party’s Tournament opponents or anyone else they choose to approach. Every character has a foundation in their alignment, description, and personality traits that you can expand on only if and when you need to.
Attempting to include all 34, in addition to all of Greybanner, would only overwhelm you and your players.

Previous Champions

As part of the current festivities, the two previous Grand Champions have returned to Greybanner. A duel between them occurs to commence the calendar of celebrations by honoring the previous warriors that the Tournament has produced. Since their respective victories, both have progressed significantly.

Arland Farrow

(CG male human)

Tournament fighter rating. 18

A large man in worn plate armor, with a thick black beard and hair. He moves confidently and wears a smile, but the lines on his face and gray in his hair betray his age.

As a combination of a fighter and a wizard, Arland compliments his swordsmanship with powerful utility magic.

Arland Farrow became the Champion of the Greybanner Grand Tournament 20 years ago. Prior to that, he was a soldier, which was where the quiet farmhand from a quiet farming town first began his journey. He enlisted as soon as he was old enough and was assigned to a lonely fort in the countryside. When a clan of bandits attacked, Arland’s proficiency in repelling them earned him praise from the leaders. It also spawned the nickname of ‘Silver Ghost’ from his fellow guards, stemming from the color of his magic and the way it allowed him to move. This event began his climb through the ranks as he received praise and repute. But Arland found himself growing disenchanted with the life. Hearing word of the approaching Tournament was the inspiration he needed to leave.

Each of Arland’s victories brought an invigoration he had ever experienced. His skill with a greatsword, magical ability, and tactical prowess led to him becoming Champion, which radically changed the trajectory of his life. Since then, Arland has traveled as an adventurer and professional fighter. Though the black of his hair and beard has grayed, he still engages in occasional competitions, often persuaded by those that hear of his title. Otherwise, Arland pursues whichever jobs and adventures he fancies. This life also allowed him to discover and then fulfill a new passion by training others. Arland almost always travels with a younger trainee who he mentors, teaches, and regales with dramatic retellings of his many years as an adventurer.

Depending on your Tier 5 fighters, Arland’s current trainee may be accompanying him to Greybanner. If they are, he will speak kindly of them without putting pressure on their success. If they are absent, he will happily speak of his promising new apprentice who is currently aiding a nearby farmstead.

Personality traits. Arland is loud and jovial but carries the wisdom of a full life. His joyous and carefree exterior covers the calculating intelligence he has developed, which otherwise only shows when he enters a fight. He has a long list of stories that he confidently tells and values those who show conviction.

Ideal. His own experience in finding his place as an adventurer inspires Arland to do the same for others. His greatest passion is in helping others find their callings, which he accomplishes primarily by taking on trainees.

Bond. Arland’s closest bond is always to his apprentices, both former and current. He treats them as family and will do anything in his power to help them however they need.

Flaw. A life of combat wears on Arland’s body. He is perhaps more confident than he should be and does not want to admit that he may need to retire from fighting soon.

Esme Kal’barar

(LN female half-orc)

Tournament fighter rating. 14

A half-orc woman with her hair in a single braid and wearing leather armor. Two scimitars are sheathed at her sides, mostly covered by a cloak that is clasped with a design resembling two tusks.

Esme combines the strength of a fighter with the brutal precision of a rogue.

Esme Kal’Barar is the previous Tournament Champion, crowned ten years ago. Her life before that moment is a secretive mystery. Only years later, and only to close friends, would she speak of the destruction of her home, her time as a captive and then bandit, and her vengeful betrayal and escape from the clan. Even during her time in the Arena, she made no mention of previous titles or of the reason why she hid these details. The only clue was her look of annoyance when asked. Her silence made her a curiosity among a crowd of fighters who boasted of their victories and taunted their opponents. But Esme’s relentless speed and swordsmanship cared even less for their words than she did, and she triumphed. That moment, in becoming Champion, was when Esme Kal’barar’s life began.

A teenage tiefling boy named Felgris Anathe found Esme in the celebrations after her victory. He begged to join her, mentioning his wish for a life of his own and the opportunity to grow beyond his merchant family. Esme empathized with his sentiment and allowed him to accompany her. Their numbers grew after Farren Blackjaw pursued and lost to Esme, before leading the group to Jessa Tallis. The tides of fate had carried Esme into a life she had not foreseen and surrounded her with people she not only trusted, but felt safe with. Willing to give it a chance, the group named themselves the Scorntusks.

In the time since, the Scorntusks have grown into a larger mercenary company of approximately 50 members. Esme acts as the respected leader alongside her Elite, with other members forming groups and taking jobs as they find them. She still holds her friends close, making sure to take time to travel with them whenever their duties allow.

Personality traits. Esme is direct and wields a presence of authority. She commands respect from those who wish to follow her but is sure to return it in kind, making her a trusted and effective leader of the Scorntusks. While she is a ruthless and experienced combatant and leads many others, Esme has no patience for cruelty.

Ideal. Strength is a weapon that must be wielded correctly. Esme leads the Scorntusks in using their strength to help those that cannot find their own, while also guiding those under her to ensure they do not follow the path of the bandits she was once captive to.

Bond. Esme would give her life for her friends in a heartbeat. She feels a deep connection to the Elite and her Scorntusks, despite her difficulty in expressing it.

Flaw. Esme lives behind a hard shell. While her established friendships run deep, she is slow to trust anyone new and does not attempt to hide this skepticism.

The adventure’s final release (as well as Patreon chapter releases!) will include a character token for each fighter. For now, you can use our Hero Token packs or make your own in our Token Editor

Tier 1 Fighters

Tournament fighter rating. 10

Jump to: Adeline Gwindleforth, Catrina Vennsth, Grub Wanabadug, Ildrz Mourningstar, Paxton Kasharn

The very best fighters participating in the current Tournament, owing to them having the most experience and skill in combat. Each one also possesses a unique, signature ability. These fighters are the most likely to emerge victorious and are the greatest obstacles to other challengers. Characters looking to become Champion are likely to find themselves facing at least one of these five. Outside of their bouts, they are also the subjects of constant attention, making them the most visible and popular of the Tournament’s fighters.

Adeline Gwindelforth

(LG female half-elf)

She skips as she moves, her shoulder-length brown hair and flowing, sunshine-yellow coat spinning with her. A smile lights up her half-elven features.

Adeline fights with the assistance of her invisible devil and her imp familiar, R’zari.

Adeline was once a novice spellcaster under the training of her town’s mage. She was talented but impatient, always rushing through her teachings in favor of adventure or exploration. Her overconfidence led to her leaving before her education was complete, signing up with an expedition team bound for a subterranean ruin. It was there that Adeline learned a hard lesson. An accident, partially her fault, saw the dungeon’s foundations collapse. Adeline was pinned under the rubble, crying for help. The others had not survived to answer. But something else did.

A voice like crackling fire appeared to Adeline, sarcastically mocking her situation. Adeline had no choice but to accept the help it offered. The being upheld its end of the bargain and freed her, but it did not leave when she awoke. It has stayed with her, invisible and silent to anyone else, observing and belittlingly commenting on her life since then. It seems to find her selflessness entertaining. The commentary does not dissuade her from pursuing charity and heroic adventuring, though her patience was worn remarkably thin over time. It has also learned her weaknesses. When it mocked her fighting ability, Adeline retorted by entering the Grand Tournament, only realizing afterward that she had taken its bait.

Personality traits. Adeline is compassionate and friendly, always willing to put others before herself. She prefers not to speak of the voice in her head for fear of the impression it gives, though its presence can be seen in her. It takes effort to hide her annoyance. She often appears distracted and will even speak to the voice when caught off-guard or in heated moments.

Ideal. Adeline stills feel tremendous guilt for the mistakes of her past and what they cost others. She seeks to do good in any way she can to make up for it, with the added bonus of annoying the snide voice attached to her.

Bond. Perhaps out of spite, the voice’s derision has only strengthened Adeline’s morals. She holds close to her code of kindness.

Flaw. Having a constant, disconnected voice in her head has made Adeline short-tempered and often frustrated. She makes sure to apologize when she does snap at someone that did not deserve it.

Catrina Vennsth

(CE female gnome)

The gnome woman wears pristine leathers with several pouches along her belt. She gives a courteous smile that fades quickly as her eyes scan her environment.

Catrina’s expertise in avoiding traps makes her able to identify and use those in the Arena to her advantage.

‘Catrina Vennsth’ is almost certainly not her real name. Details about her change to suit the requirements of her current job or mark, though each mask is planned down to the most minute detail. ‘Catrina Vennsth’ is simply the most recent. She was raised by a poor family, worked to become a town guard, and then left to strike out on her own. It is a clean foundation for a story to which she can add detail as needed. Of course, none of it is true. Or perhaps it was, and whoever once owned both it and the name are buried beside a road leading to Greybanner. Only Catrina Vennsth knows.

The Catrina that has entered the Grand Tournament is, in fact, a master thief. She has decades of experience in heists and infiltrations and has completed jobs thought impossible. Her current task requires her to investigate the fortress-like house of a noble residing in the capital. Her plan is anything but simple, but she would not have it any other way. Step one: establish contact with Jerome Castigil. Step two: succeed in the Greybanner Grand Tournament to endear herself to the merchant lord, a friend of the target noble. Step three: manipulate the connection in order to receive an invite into the house, giving her all the access she needs.

Personality traits. A manipulative, calculating, and utterly callous mind lurks behind the mask of a confident adventurer. She puts on a face of friendly competition and revelry while constantly analyzing her surroundings and planning for every eventuality.

Ideal. Completion of the current job is all there is. She is ready for anything that might get in her way. Nothing will succeed in doing so.

Bond. In Catrina’s line of work, you can only trust yourself. Counting on anyone else would only risk them running their mouth, or worse, failing at their given task.

Flaw. While gold is a powerful motivator, Catrina’s true joy is in the risks she takes. Walking the line of being discovered is a thrill unlike any other but leads to her making convoluted, even unnecessary plans.

Grub Wanabadug

(NG male half-orc)

A half-orc with cropped red hair, in full plate armor, and carrying a large greatsword. His face boasts multiple scars of different kinds, much like the damage to his armor.

Grub is a Fighter with the unique ability to taunt opponents and counter their attacks.

Hailing from a distant desert land, Grub enjoys the life of a professional fighter. He began this path at an early age, disappearing at night to engage in nearby fighting pits and underground arenas. Often beaten but never broken, the young Grub built a reputation for always getting back up and returning the next night. And with every defeat, his skills grew. Grub moved on to more reputable arenas, traveling beyond his home town to face stronger and stronger opponents. But his fervor for battle eventually led to him overstepping. His final duel in his homeland came to an end with Grub’s opponent falling to an accidentally fatal blow.

In the years since, Grub has successfully outrun any mention of the infamous event, as well as the ban he received for it. He continues his journey with forged documents and the constant hope that he is not recognized, now finding himself in Greybanner. His previous mistake, and the consequences since, have taught him a great deal. But it also remains a constant risk. Grub has returned to Greybanner after succeeding in a smaller competition several years ago. He would not normally come back to an Arena where he is known, but the Grand Tournament is too sweet a temptation, despite the threat of the many eyes that observe it.

Personality traits. Grub is outwardly abrasive and confrontational, and finds enjoyment in taunting his competitors. He is confident in his own ability but maintains the modesty to acknowledge and learn from those stronger than him.

Ideal. As a fighter, Grub seeks to always find a stronger opponent, willing to fail until he bests them. His constant travel and distance from home have also left him in search of connections. These two goals often conflict, as the former requires him to travel too frequently to achieve the latter.

Bond. Despite his bulky, rough exterior, Grub deeply cares about others and is earnest in seeking friendship. It is a contrast that he rarely shows, and likewise rarely admits to himself.

Flaw. Grub’s past has left him with an underlying paranoia and anxiety. He knows that if it catches up to him, it could take away everything he has accomplished and worked towards.

Grub Wanabadug was designed courtesy of my Patron, David Rhodes Wilson.

Ildrz Mourningstar

(CG female elf)

The female elf wears travel-worn bindings and fabrics and leans against her quarterstaff, seeming to stare into the middle distance. Every few seconds, she lifts her staff and taps it against the ground.

Ildrz Mourningstar has all of the abilities of a monk, along with some extra ways to use her unique senses.

Born with only enough vision to identify indistinct shadows, Ildrz refused to allow any shortcoming to define her. She was determined to be strong, physically and mentally. This first meant developing a constant ‘clicking’ sound as a child, that allowed her to navigate an unforgiving world. As a young teen, it brought her to a school of monks, who guided and trained the young elf. She honed her body as well as her unique ability, and learned to wield them together.

Ildrz eventually left to walk the land, quarterstaff in hand as both a weapon and visual aid. She believed herself to have progressed beyond the monks and what they could teach her. Yet she still, over a century later, finds herself in pursuit of the strength and acknowledgment that remains ever-distant. Her latest adventure brings her to Greybanner and the Grand Tournament she has heard so much about. Perhaps, Ildrz hopes, emerging as Champion will finally grant her the respect and attention she craves.

Personality traits. Ildrz is friendly, with a dry sense of humor that she does not hold back. She is competitive and openly compares herself to others. Despite this, Ildrz is not reckless. She has not forgotten the monks’ lesson that true mastery requires discipline and determination.

Ideal. She seeks strength and discipline in every facet of herself, as a way to prove her worth through actions. Ildrz will show the world that she is more than her blindness.

Bond. Ildrz places the greatest value on her own achievements. She is most comfortable recounting what she has done and boasting of what she will do in the future, as well as listening to others do the same.

Flaw. Ildrz is fixated on the pursuit of her ideals, and often favors the path of aggression. She could stand to learn that strength takes many forms.

Ildrz Mourningstar was designed courtesy of my Patron, Izzib3th (and the NAT 30’s).

Paxton Kasharn

(LE male dwarf)

The gruff-looking dwarven man wears half plate armor that resembles a soldier’s uniform, though without any identifying symbology. His red-brown hair and beard frame a disconcertingly empty expression.

Paxton is a powerful, albeit selfish, healer. His fascination with death also grants him the ability to detect it.

Many years ago, in a valley to the north, a caravan walked into an ambush. The highwaymen showed no mercy to the caravan’s guards or passengers, leaving no one behind as they made off with everything they could carry. But a healer had been watching from the cliffs. He waited for them to leave before reviving the only survivor he could find: one of the escorting soldiers, Paxton Kasharn. The two fled once he was awake, the healer introducing himself as Father Allis and leading his patient to a small village where he acted as a priest and medicine man. Paxton, overcome with a strange new passion, begged for Allis to become his teacher.

Paxton spent several years working with Allis, learning both medicinal healing and the magic that Allis’s god provided him, but hiding the curiosity that drove him. He knew Allis would not condone it. The truth was that Paxton’s brush with death had sparked an obsession with the very concept of mortality. He wished to understand it. Doing so would require combining his own combat experience with Allis’s knowledge. Once he had the latter, he left without a word. Paxton now travels anywhere that might give him an opportunity to observe the brink of death, whether in himself or others. A fighting tournament may be the perfect place to do so.

Personality traits. Paxton is unlikely to begin conversation, though he is not rude or abrasive. Rather, there is an unsettling air to him. He is often absorbed in his own thoughts, even when speaking with someone, and shows a lack of either understanding or care for the emotions and wants of others.

Ideal. The brink of death fascinates him. Paxton seeks to relive the moments in which his soul was drifting away and then pulled back. He is unsure of exactly what he wants to know or what he may find but is consumed by the pure idea of knowing.

Bond. Paxton feels no true loyalty, not even to himself. This comes from a commitment to his obsession as well as a choice to resemble the unfeeling and indifferent nature of death.

Flaw. Paxton’s goal is nothing short of an all-consuming obsession. He has no concern for anything or anyone that does not bring him closer to achieving it.

Tier 2 Fighters

Tournament fighter rating. 8

Jump to: Anders Nafna, Leona van Desmeril, Lucius Hallowgrove, Nathaniel Carrington, Sabrei Lachel

Anders Nafna

(NG male human)

A man with short blonde hair stands upright in old but well-kept chain mail and leathers. He is young, without the scars or damage of years of fighting, though his eyes show unmistakable determination.

Anders was abandoned to an orphanage as a baby, growing into a hardened and unfriendly child. This became a cycle for him as his demeanor and unwillingness dissuaded potential adopters, further exaggerating Anders’ resentment. But his anger never extended to the other children. Rather, he came to fill the role of a leader. He became protective of his siblings. And when a small, dwarven urchin girl named Torral found her way to the orphanage, she became inseparable from Anders. She would cling to his side, until the two were eventually adopted by a retired soldier and a field healer. The parents were kind and strong, and quickly saw themselves reflected in the children.

The siblings’ developed a love for adventure as they grew. Their parents recognized this and taught them the many skills they would need. Anders took the same oaths his father once had, learning to balance conviction with patience. He remains protective of his sister, though this now extends to the two aiding and protecting those they find on their journeys. They have traveled joyfully together since then. The two now come to Greybanner with a wager between them and the intention to then travel home and to the orphanage, to show their pride in who they have become to the many people who raised them.

Personality traits. Though he is rarely friendly, Anders always strives to be kind. He still feels the reactionary shell he developed as a child and must make a concerted effort to quash it. Torral is the only person he is able to be easily open with.

Leona van Desmeril

(LG female halfling)

A smiling halfling woman in basic travel attire and with a small flower in her ear-length, auburn hair. For just a moment, as the light hits her skin, it seems to glisten with faint gold.

Leona grew up in a small fishing village on the bank of an idyllic lake. She was an only child, raised by a single mother. But the villagers were a tight-knit community and took care of each other, sharing their wealth and resources for the good of all and instilling kindness in their children. Leona herself was often told the story of her father, a dashing gentleman that appeared out of the area’s mists one day, carrying riches and speaking of the pearls he had discovered in the lake. He fell for a local woman, Leona’s mother, but his duties demanded him elsewhere. She would often tell Leona of her beloved’s promise: that he was always with her and protecting her, even when she did not realize.

Whoever the man was, he left Leona a gift in the form of his blood. She manifested innate magical abilities at a young age and quickly began training and developing them. Her mother was sure that she had inherited them from her father, much like her courageous energy. This idea became a seed in Leona’s mind and eventually led to her leaving the village in search of him. She traveled for years with little more information to show for it, growing less focused on her original goal. But her father remains a constant thought in the back of her mind, particularly as she herself grows to reflect her mother’s stories of him.

Leona returns to the Tournament after her victory in the Arena only the summer prior. She loves the celebrations and the joy they bring. The Tournament also draws many rich and important individuals, and she would be lying if she denied her hope that her father might be among them.

Personality traits. Leona finds fulfilment in connecting to and improving the lives of those she comes across. She is cheery, charming, and kind, though she does tend to stray into boasting of her own heroics.

Lucius Hallowgrove

(LN male elf)

A tall elven man, slender but defined, in leather armor that is mostly hidden by a long cloak. Beneath his mess of black hair are striking blue eyes, sunken in a dreary expression.

The Hallowgrove family has tended to an elven crypt for multiple generations. They carry out unique burial rituals that celebrate their race’s long lives and venerate their graves with constant attention and care. The tradition sees the family’s leaders communicate with the dead, drawing on their wisdom in times of change. But Lucius, despite being the eldest of his siblings, never possessed such abilities. His magical connection to nature was similar to his family’s but lacking in potency. This was a weight on the young elf, who believed that he had failed without ever being given a chance to succeed. And if he could not continue the traditions, he felt that he had no place with his family.

Lucius left with the blessings of his parents, them simply hoping that he might find peace and return home. They gave him a parting gift of an heirloom amulet, to watch over him and remind him that he is always their son. He has traveled for decades since, using journals and texts to retrace the steps of various ancestors and those that he had buried. He dreams that their lives might give him the insight he desires. His insecurities still burden him and though his perspective of the world is far larger, he remains unfulfilled.

Lucius was the victor in the Arena several winters ago. Word of this got to his parents, who sent word to him asking to meet during the Grand Tournament. After decades of absence, still holding the guilt of perceived failure, and believing they expected it of him, Lucius entered the Tournament.

Personality traits. Lucius is friendly and knowledgeable but there is an identifiable sadness in the way he acts. He rarely talks about himself, downplaying his own achievements and skills in favor of asking questions or speaking about those he reads about.

Nathaniel Carrington

(LE male halfling)

His face twisted in a permanent scowl, the halfling’s skin is riddled with scars from blades, burns, and bruises. He carried a shield and longsword, though without any visible armor under his traveler’s coat.

Nathaniel leads a simple but active life as a mercenary. His unquestioning ruthlessness in the jobs he takes brought popularity among less savory individuals, allowing him to climb the ladder of clients quicker than many others. And while these assignments always paid well, their temporary nature did not earn Nathaniel any position of power. He found himself continually wanting more.

Jerome Castigil, a renowned and similarly amoral merchant lord, is Nathaniel’s latest client. Castigil hired him as protection for the duration of the Greybanner Grand Tournament. The night of their arrival, Nathaniel spotted a tiefling bard named Sabrei Lachel sneaking into their camp and absconding with a satchel of documents, not noticing him watching nearby. This development enraged Castigil, who immediately ordered Nathaniel to simply dispose of her and recover the satchel. He would have, had she not then entered the Tournament. So Castigil made Nathaniel a further offer: deal with Lachel before she can leave town and he will receive a permanent position alongside the merchant, with all the power that entails.

Nathaniel entered the Tournament. Winning will earn him immediate renown and gold, though his true focus is on Sabrei. He intends to keep an eye on her and possibly face her, giving him an opportunity to injure her in the Arena and keep her in town long enough to complete his job.

Personality traits. Nathaniel Carrington is a dangerous and unfeeling man. He has no care for others and will only act to further his own agenda, which usually involves acquiring wealth and power.

Sabrei Lachel

(LG female tiefling)

A lavender-skinned tiefling woman with horns that curl from short, white hair. She wears a mischievous grin and moves with a cheery spring, as if dancing with every step.

Sabrei lives a life of vibrant kindness, always looking to bring joy to anyone she meets. This has often involved mischief, particularly when pursuing the good of the many requires her to oppose a powerful few. But Sabrei would not have it any other way. Even as a child, born into a traveling band of performers, Sabrei opposed the other members’ habits of swindling, conning, and directly thieving from their audience. The young tiefling wanted nothing more than for her tricks and illusions to spread smiles; money was always secondary. The jaded ‘wisdom’ of the troupe could never dull her.

This outlook developed with her age and growing conviction. It became a strict code for Sabrei to live by as she travels, moving wherever she is needed and leaving and rejoining the troupe whenever they cross paths. This has brought her to Greybanner. She only intended to perform and enjoy the festivities. That was until she recognized Jerome Castigil, a visiting merchant lord with a reputation for dangerous and illegal employment practices. Naturally, Sabrei stole a set of incriminating documents from him later the same night. But she did not get away undetected, and Castigil’s hired sword, Nathaniel Carrington, followed her out of the tavern the next morning. So Sabrei did the only thing she could think of to protect herself: she entered the Grand Tournament.

Sabrei’s newfound popularity as a Tournament entrant and the rules of the Greybanner Arena prevent Carrington from attacking her. This will change the moment her time in the Tournament ends. But every round she can make it through buys her extra days to find a way out. Of course, winning and being named Champion would also be a nice bonus.

Personality traits. Sabrei has a joyful, boisterous spirit. She has no patience for those that would prey on others and holds herself to a strict but simple outlook of always trying to do the most good she can, wherever she goes.

Tier 3 Fighters

Tournament fighter rating. 6

Jump to: Avello Moonspear, Elise Lansgrimm, Felix Istheal, Niah Blackstone, Pala Flintstrike, Torral Nafna

Avello Moonspear

(LN male elf)

A tanned, middle-aged elven man who stands straight and proud with a shield on his arm and scimitar at his side. His leather armor is clean and presentable, though has seen some use.

Avello has acted as a hired sword for decades, growing progressively more disillusioned with the occupation. Escorting travelers, guarding secretive meetings, and delivering expensive packages have earned him coin but are not the life he had ever intended to lead. His latest client was a merchant that he protected on the way to Greybanner. That was when Avello felt a familiar spark that he thought he had lost, and entered the Grand Tournament.

Personality traits. Avello is a discerning professional who prides himself on remaining calm and measured. Despite this, his sudden and unexpected excitement for the Tournament has him buzzing with energy.

Elise Lansgrimm

(LG female human)

A towering woman with thick red hair and in muddied, travel-worn leather and chain. She holds a spear and shield, with a chain tied around her right glove with some sort of metal symbol.

A love for people and connections has often conflicted with Elise’s aptitude for battle. She originally took a position as a town guard as a way to help her community but was forced out for disobeying the demands of the area’s corrupt lord. She instead decided to travel and help people whenever possible. In doing so, Elise has come to believe that people are the purest form of themself in combat, when they cannot hide behind words. This allows her to combine her skills and passions, filling Elise with a constantly friendly joy.

Elise travels to Greybanner often for competitions, with varying degrees of success. She is well-known in town and has returned for the Grand Tournament.

Personality traits. Elise is loud and friendly, with a strong competitive streak and a passion for fighting. Despite this, she makes it clear that she does finds aimless or cruel violence unacceptable.

Felix Istheal

(N male human)

The man looks out from under shaggy brown hair with a smile. He wears basic hide armor that has faded from long days under the sun.

Felix was abandoned as a small child, taken in by a prickly, reclusive hermit. His surrogate father taught him a great deal of the world and its balance and regaled the boy with stories from a long life. Felix was inspired to live the same, setting off with a single, pure goal in his heart: to experience. He travels to see and learn as much of the world as he can before he grows old, and the Tournament is another exciting step in that journey.

Personality traits. Felix shows a quiet excitement for every new experience or person and will express curiosity in knowing more. He speaks with wisdom, but prefers to listen.

Felix also comes with an easy-to-use statblock for his giant badger form, right here.

Niah Blackstone

(CE female half-elf)

A sun-weathered, amazonian half-elf woman in sleeveless clothing that proudly displays the definition of her arms, which end with black bindings around her fists. Her hair is tied in a tight bun and her eyes stare with blank intensity.

Niah Blackstone’s goal is to show that she is stronger than any other. Her reasons are unknown, as she does not speak of her past and even her name spawned from the appearance and effect of her fists. But she does not seem to need reasons or explanations. Niah enjoys combat, smiling whenever she feels or inflicts pain, and she truly believes that it is the only true way to earn respect. She will often incite conflict outside of the Arena simply as a way to ‘win’ over others.

Personality traits. Niah does not care for words, pleasantries, or niceties. She is solitary and expresses herself through actions, most of which are as a way to prove herself to be above others.

Pala Flintstrike

(CN female brass dragonborn)

Form-fitting robes cover the tall but lithe form of a brass dragonborn woman. Runic symbols run the length of her exposed forearms, to the ends of her fingers. On her chest is a metal pin that resembles two tusks.

Despite her role as a respected and longstanding member of the Scorntusk Mercenaries, Pala struggles with a need to prove herself. Many, including Esme Kal’barar herself, see this as irrational due to Pala’s clear skill and outward affability. But kind words do not satisfy her. She chooses to enter the Tournament while her associates fight the Silversteel Challenge, hoping to demonstrate her worth. Yet she is the only one to whom it needs proving and even emerging as Champion may not succeed in doing so.

Personality traits. Pala is respectful and charming, always sure to keep up appearances. While she is distinguished in her speech and actions, she shows a humility that stems from insecurity.

Torral Nafna

(LN female dwarf)

The young dwarven woman’s messy, knotted braids match her aged leather armor. Much of her equipment seems handed-down or patchwork, yet she sports a confident smirk.

Torral spent years of her childhood in an orphanage, clinging to the side of a boy named Anders. The two were eventually taken in by a retired soldier and his wife, who quickly recognized their love for adventure and slowly taught them the skills they would need. The adopted siblings tearfully set off as adventurers once they were old enough, always watching each other’s backs. This has brought them to the Tournament. They’ve placed bets on who will make it further, though their true goal is to impress their parents with the winnings they will send to them.

Personality traits. Giddy excitement for adventure does not detract from Torral’s discerning nature. She enjoys meeting and competing against good people alongside her brother, Anders, which requires her to first sniff out their intentions.

Tier 4 Fighters

Tournament fighter rating. 4

Jump to: Brasker Illyenov, Brielle Rothkeln, Korm Gravelback, Lyril Donovan, Stefan Durelias, Wallace Triskellen, Yilva Calwell

Brasker Illyenov

(NG male gnome)

A gnome with short, dishevelled brown hair and the scruff of a growing beard. He is wearing ring mail and absent-mindedly touches a metal amulet that hangs over it.

Brasker is a young follower of a war god who finds satisfaction in a simple motivation: he seeks competition, not for the sake of violence, but rather to better himself and celebrate the many skills of those he encounters.

Personality traits. Brasker is not rude, but simply quiet. His skills are not with words, though he is happy to talk if someone does strike up conversation with him.

Brielle Rothkeln

(LN female dwarf)

A young dwarven woman in plain clothes and with her bronze hair cut into a single, central mane. She has scars visible from past fights, and patterns of red warpaint across her face and arms.

Never one for academics or craftsmanship, the only lesson that ever piqued Brielle’s interest was the history of Greybanner’s founding Reavers. She seeks to follow in their forgotten teachings, living by their codes and standards in combat.

Brielle has spent some years in Greybanner, engaging in tournaments and learning about the Reavers. She has not triumphed yet. Her lack of success has not dissuaded her, and she is determined to continue.

Personality traits. While she is lively and assertive, Brielle often stumbles over her own words. Her singular passion for the Reavers often guides her conversations and leads to her rambling until someone stops her.

Korm Gravelback

(LE male dwarf)

The gruff dwarf holds a wooden quarterstaff and wears hide armor that seems obviously self-made. He is almost expressionless, save for an occasional, impatient twitch.

Raised in a small, utilitarian village, Korm grew frustrated with its dependence on community and left to find his own life. Unfortunately, doing so requires money. For Korm, the Grand Tournament is a convenient income source before he moves on again.

Personality traits. Fitting for his name, Korm has a stony exterior. He is uninterested in anything that he does not see any point in and looks down on those that engage in things like aimless smalltalk.

Korm also comes with an easy-to-use statblock for his boar form, right here.

Lyril Donovan

(CN female half-elf)

Clean, flowing hair and almost procelain skin contrast against the half-elf’s otherwise nondescript leather armor. She flashes a confident, inviting smile, though one hand rests on her sheathed rapier.

Lyril was born to an urchin family and learned to make use of her entrancing voice to distract from her sticky fingers. This led to obvious confrontations with the city’s guards, forcing her to leave her home and family and take to the road.

Personality traits. Lyril’s upbringing helped foster both an appreciation and a hunger for luxuries. While she can be selfish, she tries not to take advantage of those that do not deserve it.

Stefan Durelias

(NE male human)

The man stands with perfectly tended blonde hair and clean face, complete with an upturned chin. His blue robes are pristinely clean, though do not appear particularly expensive.

The Grand Tournament is nothing but the latest test of Stefan’s magic. His true desire is the comfortable power of a royal court, and he is sure that achieving it is only a matter of persistence and patience.

Personality traits. Stefan’s confidence borders on delusion. He believes that his future is assured and that everyone around him is simply an aid, onlooker, or obstacle on his journey.

Wallace Triskellen

(CG male gnome)

A book hangs at the gnome’s side, tied across travel-dirtied scholar’s robes. He wears a pair of small spectacles that he habitually adjusts, with once-clean hair that has fallen out of place.

An academic genius, Wallace breezed through every class, course, and lecture he ever attended, never truly feeling satisfied with simply learning. He now seeks adventure and the unique thrill that can only be found in battle.

Personality traits. Pride is Wallace’s weakness, particularly when it comes to academics, and he struggles to admit when others are better. This has been a frequent event in his current endeavor.

Yilva Calwell

(CN female human)

While she wears basic armor and a shortsword and dagger at her side, she also displays showmanship. Her hair is intricately braided back and colorful ribbons and fabrics weave between her clothing.

Yilva had always dreamed of being a dancer, conflicting with her father’s wishes for her to follow in his footsteps as a fighter. Never one to sacrifice her own freedom, she became both, blending swordsmanship with the deceptive flow of traditional dances.

Personality traits. Yilva is stubborn and head-strong. She rarely lets others’ opinions outweigh her own, even when she knows, deep down, that she should.

Tier 5 Fighters

Tournament fighter rating. 2

Creating fighters. The bottom rank of the Tournament is filled by its least experienced fighters. Roll a d12 and consult the table below to determine a fighter’s name, alignment, and race, as well as the abilities their race grants them. Roll another d12 and consult the next column to determine the fighter’s fighting style, represented by their statblock. Finally, roll a third d12 and consult the last column to determine the fighter’s background.

Repeat this process up to 9 times, until the Tournament has a total of 32 fighters. For every player character entering, remove 1 fighter from Tier 5. Remove results from the ‘Character and Racial Modifiers’ and ‘Background’ columns as you roll them, or simply reroll duplicate results, to avoid characters having the same name or story. You can do the same for the ‘Statblock’ column to create variety, though it is not necessary.

d12Character and Racial ModifiersStatblockBackground
1Hallen Grimbarrow (N male dwarf…)
(CON +2, speed 25ft., darkvision 60ft., Dwarven Resilience)
Warrior (spear and shield)A former bandit, establishing a new life after surviving the destruction of their clan.
2Lara Bremis (NE female dwarf…)
(CON +2, speed 25ft., darkvision 60ft., Dwarven Resilience)
AcolyteA traveling vagrant simply looking to test the skills they have developed on the road.
3Merelynn Essus (LE female elf…)
(DEX +2, darkvision 60ft., Fey Ancestry)
Berserker initiate (greataxe)Born on a nearby farm and trained by their ex-adventurer parent.
4Oliver Nilsson (NG male halfling…)
(DEX +2, speed 25ft., Lucky)
Druid acolyteIndebted to a powerful and corrupt noble, desperate to pay their debt with the prize money.
5Connor Gallison (LE male human…)
(CON +2, WIS +2)
Scout initiateA former soldier, previously injured and hoping to make something of their skills.
6Amelia Brightgaze (CN female human…)
(CON +2, DEX +2)
Wizard acolyteArland Farrow’s most recent trainee, entering as a test of their progress.
7Zienna Scaldtongue (LG female green dragonborn…)
(STR +2, poison resistance, Breath Weapon)
Warrior (scimitar and dagger)A hopeful member of the Ironwind Mercenaries, told to make it past round 3 to be considered.
8Alton Warner (CG male gnome…)
(INT +2, speed 25ft., darkvision 60 ft., Gnome Cunning)
Bard acolyteThe child or ward of a nearby noble family, in disguise and seeking adventure.
9Daeleth Greyleaf (LG male half-elf…)
(CHA +2, darkvision 60ft., Fey Ancestry)
Spy initiateA survivor of a pirate mutiny who heard word that the traitor to their crew may also be an entrant.
10Irene Joyner (CN female half-elf…)
(CHA +2, darkvision 60ft., Fey Ancestry)
Berserker initiate (battleaxe and shield)A Greybanner local looking to prove themself after training in secret.
11Conrad ‘Onetusk’ (NG male half-orc…)
(STR +2, darkvision 60ft., Relentless Endurance)
Sorcerer acolyteAn adventurer with little interest in the Tournament but fascinated by the Arena.
12Eskar Malleran (CG male tielfing…)
(CHA +2, darkvision 60 ft., Hellish Resistance)
Warrior (halberd)A young fighter trying to earn the attention of Esme Kal’barar.

The acolyte variants are built as versions of the base statblock with adjusted abilities, skill proficiencies, and other details, to match the class they are named for. This is to make them distinct and balanced without unnecessarily minute variation. They are not perfect representations of the player classes, in terms of spell slots and mechanics, just as the acolyte does not perfectly reflect the cleric class.
Similarly, the martial ‘initiate’ variants are level-adjusted versions of other statblocks, namely the tribal warrior (and guard), berserker, scout, and spy. These aim to resemble the fighter, barbarian, ranger, and rogue classes.

Breath Weapon (green dragonborn). Breaths a 15-foot cone of poison as an action. Any creature in the cone must make a Constitution saving throw, taking 7 (2d6) poison damage on failed save, and half as much damage on a successful one. The DC for the saving throw equals 10 + the fighter’s Constitution modifier.
After using their breath weapon, the fighter can’t use it again until they’ve completed a short or long rest.

Dwarven Resilience (dwarf). The fighter has advantage on saving throws against poison, and has resistance to poison damage.

Fey Ancestry (elf and half-elf). The fighter has advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put them to sleep.

Gnome Cunning (gnome). The fighter has advantage on all Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws against magic.

Hellish Resistance (tiefling). The fighter has resistance to fire damage.

Lucky (halfling). When the fighter rolls a 1 on the d20 for an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, they can reroll the die and must use the new roll.

Relentless Endurance (half-orc). When the fighter is reduced to 0 hit points but not killed outright, they can drop to 1 hit point instead. The fighter can’t use this ability again until they have finished a long rest.

Square Keep Hill Battle Map, Banner Preview
The next leg of the adventure will take the characters towards the Verdantguard Tower…

What’s Next

With the conclusion of the adventure’s introduction and our coverage of the Arena, we now pivot back into the core story. Our next entries will cover all of the many adventures for players to undertake during the Tournament’s duration. They will take the characters into the surrounding region, have them befriend or antagonize Greybanner’s key faces, and slowly uncover a villainous plot below the town’s surface. While you wait for that, let us know what you’ve thought of the content so far! Is there something you’d like to see in the future, or even any questions you might have?

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