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BluBerrey is an active member of our Patreon Discord community. He recently crafted a gorgeous batch of urban Cyberpunk-themed battle maps, and generously agreed to share them here!

If you’d like to download the full-res versions or the map assets that BluBerrey used, you can find those in the downloads section below.

The first map is a walled compound built with a traditional Japanese aesthetic. What goes on inside is up to you, GM. I suspect it’s some shady stuff worthy of a player-driven heist…

See that main building in the upper-right? BluBerrey has provided this lovingly-decorated interior…

(Click to zoom in)

It will doubtlessly be an exciting fight to the operations center at the top!

Once your players characters are done with their heist, they can come relax at this Cyberpunk pub (Cyberpub?). There’s plenty of space for a brawl, naturally…

And, as the hour grows late, your player characters might stumble home via the metro.
BluBerrey’s got a map for that too…

BluBerrey’s City Maps

When BluBerrey isn’t running Cyberpunk one-shots, he’s toiling away at his own cartography project on Patreon. His specialty is in map tiles that fit together to create sprawling city maps. In his own words…

BluBerrey is creating custom-made RPG city maps and assets!

I am making custom, hand drawn city maps, and asset packs for D&D and any other roleplaying games! You can make your own maps with the tilesets provided, or hire me to draw and paint you a completely original city map, made for your exact specifications!


BluBerrey has generously provided the high-res versions for you to use in your own games! You can find them on our Google Drive by clicking the button below:

Map Asset Downloads

Interested in the map assets that BluBerrey used to create these maps? You can find them listed here:

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Artist and DM, I draw the maps, record the videos, and write the articles here at 2-Minute Table Top. It's my ideal creative outlet, and it's all thanks to you!

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