The Sci-Fi Industrial Interiors

Create custom sci-fi battle maps with our modular map tiles and map assets, or use one of our many pre-made futuristic battle maps!

Ross McConnell

The Arcade Center Battle Map

A colorful battle map of an immortal Arcade Center, suitable for retro, modern, and Cyberpunk games! 22×16 and ready for print or VTT.

Ross McConnell

The City of Rowding

A system-neutral setting for modern-day games, full of gangsters, corporate intrigue, and just a little bit of weird.


BluBerrey’s Cyberpunk Battle Maps

A collection of urban Cyberpunk battle maps by BluBerrey: a pub, a metro, and a headquarters with interior and exterior maps.

Ross McConnell

The Secret Research Facility Battle Maps

An underground vault conceals a secret research facility. This 22×16 modern/sci-fi battle map is ready for printing or VTT.

Ross McConnell

Cyberpunk Apartment Battle Maps

Six unique, hand-drawn apartments with a Cyberpunk or Shadowrun semi-sci-fi theme. There are 95 furniture assets also available!

Ross McConnell

Map Tiles for Modern City Streets

A versatile set of city street map tiles with a gritty art style. Easily create battle maps for Cyberpunk, Shadowrun, and similar settings!

Ross McConnell