A band of gnolls joins the token editor library thanks to the efforts of Hammertheshark (@AustinNyfield) with even more to come!

If you would like to jump straight into the Token Editor, please enjoy:

Work on the 2-Minute Token Editor is underway once again, and as part of this mission please welcome Hammertheshark – one of our Discord regulars – onto the team to help flesh out the monster tokens (and more).

He has begun with these gnolls, is tackling orcs next, and then will continue onto other popular monsters. If you would like to make a request, please leave a comment!

I’m commissioning Austin for each token but you can further support him by commissioning him on Twitter!

We’re excited to see the Editor growing again, and I promise it won’t be too long before we have more news…

Using the 2-Minute Token Editor

I’ve made every effort to make the Token Editor simple and straightforward. Please refer to these steps if you run into any difficulties:

  1. Use the color select buttons and the color picker to custom-paint your virtual token.
  2. Changing the color of a group header will change all of its components to match.
  3. Right Click and Save the token when you are satisfied with the color palette.
  4. You can then drag-and-drop it into a Roll20 scene, or use it with your VTT of choice.

More Pre-Colored Token Packs

Leaving a tip on these token packs will help me commission more art from Austin and others like him, but it’s entirely option. Please enjoy!

View the entirety of our collection on my gallery.

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Artist and DM, I draw the maps, record the videos, and write the articles here at 2-Minute Table Top. It's my ideal creative outlet, and it's all thanks to you!

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  1. Awesome sauce! I use the current tokens with Roll20 but ran out of steam quickly when my players picked some off races (aarakocra, tabaxi, etc.). Getting some tokens for most common monsters would be great, too – orcs, ogres, etc.

    1. For one of my games I let my players design their Figurines on https://www.heroforge.com/ and save a screencap from the appropriate angle. (Be sure to select ‘Crop’ so it gives me transparent Background)
      They’re Grey unless you colour them with gimp or the likes, but you can make tokens in uniform style for everything from Tieflings in Sci-Fi Armour to Frog-people in Chain-mail riding Motorcycles.

  2. I love the token editor in general, please do keep at it!

    (Though I’m beginning to reach my limits trying to make some women for a modern setting. But no worries, I am Photoshop savvy.)

  3. Bugbears and Hobgoblins, High Elves, Tortles, a Medusa, Basilisk, Cockatrice, and Tieflings would all be amazing for our game!

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Published: May 18, 2020

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