Introducing the NEW Token Editor

Browse and edit over 1000 character tokens, creature tokens, and monster tokens designed for the virtual tabletop.

Reuben Farley

Custom Buildings – Assets for Dungeondraft & More

Floor textures, walls, rubble, and more. Assets for building any sort of wood-and-stone building maps you might need, in Dungeondraft and PNG formats.

Ross McConnell

BananaDealer’s Pathfinder Steampunk Airships – The Dealership

Three airship maps – with thoroughly detailed Pathfinder stats for each – plus three steampunk weapon assets fit to destroy them, courtesy of BananaDealer.

Ross McConnell

New Tokens by Hammertheshark

A band of gnolls joins the token editor library thanks to the efforts of Hammertheshark (@AustinNyfield) with even more to come!

Ross McConnell

Brandon’s Blackblood Encampment

This week’s Community Gallery post contains a single, interesting settlement map. Nestled in the mountains stands the Blackblood Encampment…

Ross McConnell

Juneau’s Custom Maps

Juneau has kindly shared these maps with the Community Gallery, including a detailed town map and a watery cave battle map. Inspiring work!

Ross McConnell

Bastien’s Inspiring Custom Maps

Bastien Aufrère shares his collection of custom battle maps, with colorful scenes of seas and forests, dungeons and war-torn streets.

Ross McConnell

Anna’s Cardboard Creations

Anna shares her tabletop props enhanced with washers and cardboard – materials anyone can employ! Video guide and free maps and assets inside…

Ross McConnell

Don’s Family Adventures

Don Garey has kindly shared some snapshots from the series of adventures he has run for his kids, exercising their imaginations and teaching them the virtues of heroic characters!

Ross McConnell

Devin’s Atmospheric Custom Maps

Devin @ParodyWizard has adapted a floorplan by @DysonLogos and assets by yours-truly into a gorgeously lit dungeon…

Ross McConnell