Devin's Atmospheric Dungeon

Devin’s Atmospheric Custom Maps

Devin @ParodyWizard has adapted a floorplan by @DysonLogos and assets by yours-truly into a gorgeously lit dungeon.

It goes to show how far a good sens of light and shadow can take your custom maps! One can almost feel the chill of those cold, dark hallways…

Please click on the images below to zoom in and get a better look:

Thank you for sharing these with the world, Devin!
This is precisely the level of atmospheric lighting that I aspire to.

Custom Dungeon Battle Maps & Assets

If you would like to design your own dungeon with these assets, you can find them below. And, if you would like to try your hand at light and shadow, I recommend last week’s guide: How Ben Adds Light and Shadow to His Dungeons.

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  1. Simon Strehler

    Stunning! Love seeing this kind of stuff!

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