Every now and then I am delighted to find I’ve been tagged in one of your mid-game snapshots, and I wanted to return the favor! In this Community Spotlight I’ve collected a small gallery of “in the wild” 2-Minute Tabletop content (in no particular order) from Instagram.

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Downtime Session!!! The characters enjoyed spending their hard earned gold on new swish items and pets then took place in a 1v1 friendly tournament, with Quiver lasting 3 of 5 rounds. A group tournament followed 3 days later and saw them emerge victorious, with more rewards gifted to them before a market vendor revealed to the party her true form, a silver dragon… Amazing Market Stall map by @2minutetabletop Minis and tokens by @wizkidsgames @heroforgeminis @sidequestttm Arena by @dnddadventures Session went way over tonight, but there was so much GREAT STUFF going on!!! #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #5e #letsroll #encountertokens #lostmineofphandelver #cragmawcastle #dice #maps #2minutetabletop #wizkids #sidequestttm #heroforge #dndminis #dndminiatures #wizardsofthecoast #rpg #ttrpg #tabletopgames #roleplay #rollplay #fantasy #foamcraft #polystyrene #crafternoon #crafting

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Game log: After waking up with no memory of the night before, our merry band realise the package they must deliver to a local gangster is missing. Retracing their steps to an underground cabaret club, where they find out they were thrown out for drinking the ale in the cellar they sneak back in through a delivery chute and battle a guard mimic. The team then found sets of cultist robes, subsequently finding out from the star performer that they had joined a cult in a drunken haze. Agreeing to perform on stage as a dragon impersonator our rogue lip synced to a cheering and sometimes confused crowd. Eventually finding their way to a cult meeting beneath the town hall (surrounded by guards who are looking for them for indecent exposure) it becomes very apparent that they have somehow convinced the cult the mystery package is an item they can use to summon a demon back to the material plane. . Some adventurers just can’t handle their booze… . . . #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dungeonmaster #dice #tabletop #boardgames #rpg #roleplay #gaming #fantasy #magic #miniatures #dungeoncrawling #spells

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After inviting Strahd himself into the Blood of the Vine Tavern for an introduction, the party collected their quarry, Ireena, and began their travel to Vallaki whereupon they were set upon by a pack of werewolves. After slaying the unfortunate creatures, the caravan was up and running again, stopping to rest at the Tser Pool encampment. It was there that the group had their fortunes read by Madam Eva, and their fates now seemed connected with the plight of the people of Barovia… Great game night, delving a little deeper into #curseofstrahd Players took over npcs during battle, which was wonderful to observe, adding their own combat flair to the newly established allies. And I wish I had been able to pick up a #tarokkadeck from @galeforcenineofficial but had to settle for a standard deck. The players got a kick out the mystery of it all, but still… next time! Wonderful tokens and minis by @sidequestttm @wizkidsgames @heroforgeminis Spooky map by @2minutetabletop And thanks to @themanlyhotel for drinks and location #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #5e #letsroll #encountertokens #dice #maps #wizkids #sidequestttm #heroforge #dndminis #2minutetabletop #dndminiatures #wizardsofthecoast #rpg #ttrpg #tabletopgames #roleplay #rollplay #fantasy #strahd

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It’s truly inspiring to see our work being enjoyed in such a tangible way, so thank you for sharing content like this!

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Published: October 27, 2020

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