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Unbeknownst to most who live in the sun’s glow, there are wide, straight, pitch-dark tunnels criss-crossing far beneath their feet…

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Underground Highway Battle Map banner

Inspired by the Deep Roads of Dragon Age and the Underway of Warhammer, this battle map depicts a 40 ft. wide tunnel (by default) that dwarfs all of my previous underground passageways.

It tiles seamlessly too! While drawing this I was imagining a looong battle map where initiative is rolled while the two sides are still a long way off, and a few tense rounds might pass while missiles shoot through the dark and the melee characters close in.

I’ve also included a Road and a Bare map variant in the base pack, so that you can use these maps for tunnels both “civilized” and not.

What do you think? Will you use it as a long road into the underdark? As the pathway of some enormous beast? As an undercity hyperloop? Please share your ideas in the comments! 🙂

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