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A small, system-neutral town ready drop into your fantasy world, and a foundation on which to base more adventures.

The town of Fog’s Edge stands somewhere at the inhospitable fringe of civilization. Its residents are hard folk, outcasts and brave souls. Its visitors likewise daring and adventurous.

How will your party fare at Fog’s Edge, and out in the basin beyond?

The sound of metal hitting metal rings out as a dwarven blacksmith and his human apprentice forge a heavy machete. The scent of bread drifts across the settlement to the weary adventurers camping outside the gates, who look between each other and count their coins. At the top of the stone watchtower, a gray-haired man stares over the edge of the basin at the rolling fog-banks below, thinking of days long past and friends lost.

Welcome to Fog’s Edge.

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Fog’s Edge is a small settlement on the edge of a deep basin, the last remains of some ancient city. The basin is perpetually covered in fog and many strange creatures and plants lurk within, along with ancient coral and the fossils of deep-sea beasts. Beneath the settlement is a manual elevator down to the basin floor, the only known safe way down.

Two decades ago, Fog’s Edge was founded by an adventuring party that christened themselves the Fogdivers. Now, it is run by their last remaining member, Victor Gentana, commonly known as “the Warden.” The small community now serves as a jumping-off point for those foolish enough to delve into the fog.

Sights: The mist rolling across the basin below, tree tops appearing for only a few seconds at a time. Brightly colored birds flying out of the fog only to dive back down quickly. The Warden staring out over the valley, lost deep in thought.
Sounds: Roaring fire and rhythmic clanging from the forge. Hymns from the temple. An adventurer sobbing somewhere in the complex, late at night.
Smells: Smoke and hot metal, blood, damp, fresh bread baking, alcohol, incense, meat roasting over the fire.

The People of Fog’s Edge

Victor Gentana, the Warden. A gray-haired, muscular man with some pretty gnarly scars. On his left bicep is a tattoo of a symbol that looks like a downward arrow, combined with the letter F. He lives in the smallest cabin in the settlement, where you can find a highly enchanted axe mounted on the wall. One of these allows him to recall it to his hand at any time. So have fun with that. The Warden can also Rage.

Victor Gentana character token

Nudrith Shoesmelter, dwarven blacksmith. Nudrith is a black-haired, tan-skinned dwarf with bulging muscles and emerald-green eyes. Whether his hair is naturally black or simply absolutely saturated with ash is a matter of some debate in the small community.

Nudrith Shoesmelter character token

Theodosis Vascatos, human blacksmith’s apprentice. Theodosis is a teenaged human boy, with long, braided, brown hair and pale skin. His hands are thickly calloused. Theo is an orphan, and was adopted by Nudrith, although the exact circumstances under which they met aren’t commonly known.

Theodosis Vascatos character token

Maylin Kel’Jeon, elven cleric. Maylin leads whatever religious services the settlement needs. Holy days, funerals, and even the occasional wedding are all handled by her. She tends to stutter in normal conversation, but this tick disappears during ceremonies.

Meylin Kel-Jeon character token

Graxxo%ziuz, lizardman butcher. Graxxo%ziuz is a six foot tall, chartreuse-skinned lizardman with a long, pink tongue. He carries a long, thin knife and can often be seen idly sharpening it on a leather strop. Most of the strange things killed in the basin end up on his table. (The % is a double glottal stop. Make a sound like you’re clearing your throat and you’ll get close enough.)

Graxxo-ziuz character token

Orugall, orc baker. Orugall is a towering green-skinned man with shaggy blond hair. He’s the closest thing Fog’s Edge has to a restauranteur, though he prefers to think of himself as a baker. Between Orugall and Graxx&ziuz, almost anything found in the basin can be made into a meal. Sometimes with dessert, too!

Orugall character token
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Outside the front gates, a small group of adventurers has made their camp. Riley, human ranger. Wills, human barbarian. Weep-Not, tiefling fighter. Together, they are the Stag Society.

Riley is a wiry youth with a green cloak. Riley’s blond hair is kept close-cropped, and he has a perpetual thin layer of stubble. At night, he carries a a lantern attached to a hook on the top of a walking stick. The hook is made of antler. Riley is soft-spoken and cunning, with sharp, green eyes and abnormally large ears.

Riley character token

Wills is a clean-shaven man with short, black hair. He carries a round shield and a one-handed axe, which he is highly experienced in using. The shield has been painted with the image of a deer’s head in profile, antlers arcing over the metal hardware. Wills’ voice cracks unusually often, especially when he’s caught off-guard. His name is, allegedly, short for Willsiare.

Wills character token

Weep-Not is a muscular tiefling with ram-like horns. He carries a pair of punching-swords with triangular blades, relics from wherever his homeland is. Weep-Not’s skin is a dark blue, contrasting against his white hair. Pink scar tissue breaks up the blue skin here and there, most notably on his neck, where there is a large, jagged scar. Weep-Not cannot speak as a result of this injury, and uses a rough sign language to communicate with his party-members.

Weep-Not Character Token

The Stag Society’s name comes from a vicious deer they fought. Each of them carries a reminder of that encounter— The hook of Riley’s staff, the emblem on Wills’ shield, and the scar on Weep-Not’s neck.

Brouk is a merchant who occupies the final tent. She wanders the land selling many items of dubious use— primarily trinkets from far-off lands— but also makes sure to keep a good stock of arrows. Everybody wants arrows. Despite being a merchant who travels on foot, her legs are quite skinny. She looks perpetually drowsy and will start any interaction by yawning.

Brouk character token

Brouk’s current inventory:
100 arrows. Exactly one of these is magical, and will do an extra 2d4 fire damage on a hit. Brouk neither knows nor cares about this, and will only sell the arrows in groups of 20. 1 GP for 20, 5 GP for the whole stock. Very generous.
Five more arrows with tips carved from sapphire. These are not special in any way aside from costing 20 times as much. 1 GP each. The sapphires on the arrows are worth about 200 GP each (lower than the standard rough cost due to their small size and somewhat inept carving). Brouk is unaware of this, but if she overhears the player characters mentioning this, she’ll up the price considerably.
A solid white mask of unknown origin. Despite being apparently opaque, the wearer can see, breathe, hear and smell as normal. Marked at 500 GP, though she’ll let it go for as little as 250 GP.
A bronze shield about the size of an adventurer’s fist, inscribed with dwarven writing. A badge, of some kind. 50 GP, could be sold in a major city for 150 GP to an interested party.

The Elevator

Arguably the most important part of Fog’s Edge is the Elevator. The Elevator is a complex series of gears and ropes at the top of a shaft dug down the side of the basin, attached to a sturdy, wooden platform. The elevator is operated by pulling the ropes going through the platform. It takes a lot of strength to operate, but it beats rappelling down the side, especially when you’re bringing strange finds back.


Founding Day

Founding Day marks the day the Warden’s party first found this outcropping and set up camp. None of them imagined it would be become such a long-term base of operations. Founding Day is a day of merriment, tales of valor, and general mucking about.

The Day of Remembrance

The Day of Remembrance comes about a week before, marking the day the Warden climbed out of the basin alone, very nearly dead. The Day of Remembrance is somber, and adventurers there at the time often use it as an occasion to eulogize fallen friends they never had the chance to say goodbye to properly.

Fog's Edge Adventure banner 3

Long-Term Problems

Fog’s Edge is perpetually a few weeks away from starvation. Their primary food sources are imports and hunting/foraging in the basin. Anything that threatens those things— for example, damage to the elevator or bandits on the main road— presents a serious threat to the residents.

The Warden bears a lot of scars, both mental and physical. The older he gets, the more it weighs on him that his party-members never got a proper burial. He knows it would be dangerous— dangerous enough that he could never let anyone else risk their lives by helping him.

On the other side of the coin, if the Warden were to come down with a serious illness, he may never pull out of it. This would be bad news, since he knows more about the Basin than anyone else, and without his advice excursions into the Basin would be far more dangerous. Of course, the Basin holds many strange herbs, and there just might be something in the den of a particularly dangerous beast that could bring the Warden back from the edge of death.



The Warden’s party perished in the Basin long ago, and their possessions have since been strewn about by wildlife, wind and flooding. It would probably bring some peace to the Warden if the party brought back items from that group. Examples include: A blue banner painted with a sigil resembling a downward arrow combined with the letter F, like the one on the Warden’s arm. A leather quiver covered in elaborate art depicting a sunrise over some far-off land.

This side-quest is meant as an additional reward for other quests or exploration, more than a narrative quest on its own. Think of it like Rift Tokens in A Hat In Time, oysters in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or the nightmarish Jinjos from Banjo-Kazooie.

Meat Run

Founding Day is coming up, but meat has been scarce lately. Luckily, Graxxo%ziuz knows where to find a beast known for its delicious and plentiful meat. It will need to be butchered in the field— which means escorting Graxxo%ziuz— due to the fact that this creature might weigh as much as 10,000 pounds before butchering. Graxxo%ziuz will reassure the party that this creature is a herbivore and moves quite slowly, so it should be easy prey despite its size.

Graxxo%ziuz is incorrect about several of these points. The creature is a hippopotamus, and hippopotami can run up to 48 kilometers per hour. They are also known to be incredibly aggressive.

This mission should be broken down into several parts: Travelling through the wilds to the river the hippo calls home (Two DC 15 survival checks, at disadvantage if Graxxo%zius isn’t with them), the actual hippo fight, an encounter with a pack of wolves (player character number + 1) attracted by the smell of raw meat, and then returning to the Elevator.

Problematic Pollen

The Stag Society recently returned from an excursion into the Basin where they found a grove of strange plants growing near an ancient coral outcropping. While they were examining them, a gust of wind blew pollen into their faces, causing several of them to inhale it. They made it back to Fog’s Edge, but each is now incapacitated by sickness.

The player characters may realize that the best way to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it is to get a sample of the flowers in question, but if they don’t, either the Warden or Maylin Kel’Jeon can suggest it.

Stage 1: Get location information from The Stag Society. Wills and Riley can only get a couple of words out before descending into a coughing fit, which makes this a little tough. A few Persuasion checks (DC 15) may be appropriate if the players are having trouble roleplaying interrogating the Stag Society. Information they may gain from this is things like “coral,” “yellow flowers,” “straight east.” Each of these clues they manage to get will drop the DC of the following Survival check by 2.

The point of this section is, largely, to get the players to ask the right questions of the NPCs. If they’re struggling, the Warden may once again be able to point them in the right direction, whether literally or just about the questions they need to ask.

Stage 2: Travel. Get whichever player character is leading to roll a DC 16 Survival check, lowered by 2 for every significant clue discovered in the previous section. On a success, it takes them most of a day to reach the grove. On a failure, night falls before the party arrives, forcing them to either continue in the dark (DC 10 Survival check at disadvantage. They find the grove on a pass, but wander around in circles on a failure.)

Harvesting the plants successfully without breathing in the pollen takes a DC 15 Nature check. If it’s night time, this check is made at disadvantage. If any character breathes in the pollen, they immediately take a level of exhaustion.

Travel back to Fog’s Edge should be quick and uneventful.

Stage 3: Brewing. By the time the party returns, the conditions of the Stag Society have gotten worse. They’re sweaty, feverish, and Wills and Riley are occasionally letting out high-pitched, inhuman howls.

To save them, the party must brew a concoction to counteract the potion’s effects. This can be done with either their own tools, or borrowing some cooking equipment from Orugall. Determining and subsequently brewing the potion will take a DC 12 Medicine check, or if the player characters have no training in medicine between them, a DC 15 check in anything they can make a convincing argument for can work. (Survival and Nature would be the obvious ones, History and Arcana are plausible, Deception and Persuasion right out.)


The following are some things the party might hear about Fog’s Edge in nearby towns.

  • “Fog’s Edge is run by a madman who kills anyone who looks at him wrong.” (False.)
  • “Fog’s Edge is a place for burnouts and ne’er-do-wells.” (True.)
  • “Fog’s Edge is built on the edge of an ancient sea, which has long since dried up to geological changes.” (True, and abnormally knowledgeable.)
  • “The bread in Fog’s Edge is some of the finest in the region.” (Subjective. Orugall certainly thinks so, though.)
  • “Fog’s Edge is a cultist compound occupied by heretics who worship the gigantic skeletons of ancient beasts they find in the Basin.” (False)

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Former esports wannabe, current TTRPG streamer and TTRPG creator interviewer. I like science fiction and I have a soft spot for licensed tabletop RPGs. You can find all the campaigns I'm in and interviews I've done over on YouTube.

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