The Dwarven Outpost

Nestled in the hills between two dwarven strongholds, this outpost acts as a stepping stone for the dwarves unfortunate enough to be assigned topside patrols.

Apparently the dwarven king makes this journey once in a while too, as a small but functional throne room is carved into the center of the complex. On the western wing lies a barracks, and on the right is a vandalized quarters. Behind an office of sorts and down a spiraling staircase you will find a hall of chests and a more lavished bedroom.

In my personal canon, the dwarves have not visited this place in many years. Perhaps their subterranean highway was recently completed, or the two cities declared independance? Whatever the case, certain orcs, kobolds or goblins have moved into the secure rooms in their stead. A certain charismatic member has grown fat on the carved throne, sending his minions out to bring him food and plunder. Yet, despite the outpost’s infestation, certain dwarvish locks still hide exotic and valuable crafts behind them.


Below, you can download the Dwarven Outpost for a dollar:

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