These mining tunnels are criss-crossed with thermal pools, an echoing chasm, and they penetrate something ancient and better left alone…
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Thermal Mines battle map - Part 2 - Banner preview

This new battle map is my latest addition to the Eisenstein Mining Compound adventure that my brother Troy and I are collaborating on along with David the token artist! Its complete form will be released by the end of the week, leaving you enough time to prepare a Halloween game if you so wish. 🙂

This section of the mines is many times more deadly than the last, featuring more and easier to fall into pools of boiling mud and water, a chasm with no discernible bottom, and one very out-of-place stone-cut chamber.

I’ve been experimenting with a handful of (subtle, I admit) artistic techniques with these two maps. The color palette is probably the most pronounced difference – what do you think of the muted colors? It’s a bit of a return-to-form for me, and I want to let the line art do more of the work in the future.

I hope you’re excited for the complete adventure! The necessary maps are now complete, and we’re just putting a few finishing touches on the written supplement and whipping up a few more tokens – you’ll hear again from us soon! 🙂


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  • Mining Town - Winter - Day - 16x22
    Mining Town
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  • Thermal Mines Pt.1 - Thermal Pools - Dark - 22x16
    Thermal Mines Pt.1
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  • Thermal Mines Pt.2 - Thermal Pools - Light - 22x16
    Thermal Mines Pt.2
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  • Thermal Mines battle map Pt.1 - Pack preview 2
    Thermal Mines Pt.1 Pack
  • Thermal Mines battle map Pt.2 - Pack preview 2
    Thermal Mines Pt.2 Pack
  • Everything Pack Temporary Product Image
    The Everything Pack
    Product on sale

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