The sky was clear and blue, hemmed by the gentle swaying of the forest trees. It was a window into a serene expanse of warm, summer air, that danced with flickering rays of the setting sun…

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This map may not look it, but it was an arduous month-long project! I touched every blade of grass twice, first to pen it and second to paint it. I watched three movies and listened to hours of audio to get it done, all in the midst of moving house. I won’t lie, I’m glad to be done with this one!

So, what is inside? It is a simple grass texture that tiles seamlessly. There are day and night versions, and each one has a dense and sparse version. In addition to the textures themselves I put together the demo map pictured above, so that you also gain a ready-to-play forest clearing.

I hope you enjoy these textures and appreciate the love that went into them! If you do any sort of map editing I hope that this will be a worthy base map. I can’t wait to see what you lot cook up, so please tag me if you share them. 🙂

The sky was clear and blue, hemmed by the gentle swaying of the forest trees. It was a window into a serene expanse of warm, summer air, that danced with flickering rays of the setting sun. It was beautiful, a perfect final sight to calm Torald and usher him slowly into whatever life waited next. If only he could move his arms to block out the sound.
His eyes were fixed on the sky above but he could not help but be distracted by the battle. Armored feet stomped around him, frantically circling and strafing each other like a bloodstained ballroom. Metal clashed together and sent yells, cries, and spatters of red over the grass. Several drops would occasionally hit Torald. His mind would reactively flinch, though the weakness in his body ignored the command. Each time he wearily forgot, an errant kick or fall would jarringly remind him of his inability to breathe as air escaped from his wound.
It had been a decent life; better than he could have expected as a child. There had been defeats, but each one was balanced by another victory. Torald’s time had certainly never been comfortable, per se, but he felt… satisfied. Yes, that was it. Despite a handful of regrets and the current agony twisting through his system, he was ultimately satisfied. A few more years might have been nice, as would a wife and even children. But he had learned long ago to temper his expectations. This was the best he was ever going to realistically receive.
“Giving up so soon?” The voice came first as a whisper, snide and illusory, a hallucination of a fading mind.
“A mortal wound, to be sure, though not the worst I have seen.” It was clearer this time. The deep timbre crackled like flames, rising over the surrounding clash. It wrenched Torald’s consciousness back and demanded his attention as it sighed, then continued.
“Among the many aspects of this world I loathe, the loss of useful life is… in the top five. Maybe ten. Seeing one such as yourself go to waste when you could accomplish so much more angers me. I feel compelled to step in.” Torald could hear the voice smile as it spoke. Its words seemed to anchor him to his last shreds of drifting life. The violence in the clearing was almost silent now, completely dominated by the monologue.
“You seem fully aware of your fate. Your acceptance of it is admirable, in some small way. Better yet, it allows me to be direct. You are going to die here, in this unnamed, unmarked forest, among a few dozen others. Your wounds will take you, your body will be burned, and whatever is left will be collected by whichever god your parents once had you kneel before in hopes of a bountiful crop. Everything you were will be forgotten. That is your unfortunate fate… without intervention.” It circled him, out of view but giving off a heat that warmed Torald’s limbs. The presence grew stronger, kneeling beside him and feeling like a fire had been lit. Cold had been settling in Torald’s body but it was now washed away by a burning energy. The feeling reminded him of so many moments of his life. Battles, triumphs, celebrations. It carried the same exhilarating passion. As if in reaction, the smile grew with a proud chuckle.
“I am sure that I do not need to explain the terms. The choice is yours…” The heat grew more intense. A searing pressure pushed down on the wound in Torald’s chest and a single breath of air filled his lungs. For just a moment, he swore that he could see two burning, golden irises looking down on him. He laid there, feeling his previous satisfaction burn away like tinder for a reignited fervor.

– by Troy McConnell
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Published: March 7, 2020

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