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Snowy battle maps are in-season now, between the recent published content and the actual changing of the seasons! If you’d like to immerse your players in the cold atmosphere of a winter setting then this list is for you: it’s my hand-picked list of hand-drawn icy battle maps.

All of these maps are created thanks to the generosity of folk like you who choose to pay for them. Thank you for making this all possible!

If you would like to grab every map on this list and support my map-making efforts at the same time, please consider one of these packs. You can click on them for more details.

  • Everything Pack Temporary Product Image
    The Everything Pack
    Product on sale
  • Snowy Maps Pack
    Snowy Maps Pack

I’ll kick this list off by mentioning Troy’s snow encounters! We only ask for $2, and inside it you will find…

  • How to Run a Snow Adventure handbook
  • 10 Snow Encounters handbook
  • 10 More Winter Encounters handbook
  • The Camp Tokens, Delightful Dwelling, Poacher’s Crest, and Snowy Sanctum battle maps
  • Snow Encounters
    Snow Encounters

You can build any snowy scene you can imagine using these assets and this guide, or you might simply use one of the included battle maps. There are night-time variants too!

  • Snowy Hamlet - Day - 22x16
    Snowy Winter Assets
    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Snowy Winter battle maps - Variants
    Snowy Winter Assets Pack

This wintry plaza will be at home in most settlements. As the locals retreat inside for the night, I imagine that the wildlife may come to poke their nose around. Is it too mean to ambush the party with a Crag Cat here..?

  • Snowy Plaza Battle Map, Nighttime
    Snowy Plaza

This cemetery is set in a wintry forest on the edge of town. It would certainly make for an atmospheric encounter while the party tracks a white moose, especially if there are also banshee hanging about!

  • Silent Snowy Cemetery Battle Map – Color, Grid
    Silent Snowy Cemetery

The snowy side of my Volatile Portal map might serve as an alternate entrance to magical glaciers that require rhymes to enter. Perhaps as the explorers read the poem aloud, energy begins to crackle and melt open the icy gateway… But the event cannot go uninterrupted – time for a wave defense encounter!

  • Battle Map: Volatile Portal map collaboration
    Volatile Portal

The Frozen Forge is an excellent point of interest to drop into a wintry region map. I highly recommend Troy’s written supplement on how it might work:
Forge at the Frozen End.

  • Frozen Forge - Frozen - Day - 30x30
    Frozen Forge

Ah, the joys of overland travel! If you happen to roll up a random encounter somewhere along the road, these battle maps will help you set the scene…

  • Icy Battle Site
    Icy Battle Site
  • Snowy Road
    Snowy Road

Have a norse-inspired culture in your game?Is there trouble on an icy lake? If so, these boats might serve your party well…

  • Viking Longship
    Viking Longship
  • Dragonship, Rowboat, Viking Longship battle maps, Rowboat

These mysterious constructions make for a dramatic boss arenas, or simply a nice pit-stop somewhere near the water’s edge! Let us know which encounters you think might fit these in the comments. 🙂

  • Ice Temple frozen lake RPG battle map, color
    Ice Temple
  • Snowy Sanctum, color
    Snowy Sanctum

Snowy caves are a must-have, and a great place to wait out the weather or plumb for loot. You might even decorate it a little with some camp assets…

  • Yeti Lair (23x16) Base Map, Light
    Yeti Lair
  • Camp Tokens
    Camp Tokens

  • Snowy Summit Mountain Battle Map
    Snowy Summit
  • Crystal Cave battle map, custom grid
    Crystal Cave
  • Crystal Hill Snow Battle Map
    Crystal Hill

If your players decide to go mountain climbing, then these maps might be of great use to you. The Snowy Summit might offer some challenge when they start their ascent – did someone say avalanche? After that, the Crystal Hill is begging to serve as the mountain peak, and just underneath its jutting stone is hidden the Crystal Cave.

Hungry for more? I have well over 200 battle maps to explore in my my map gallery. You can find it here:

Have I missed anything from my list? Are there any particular scenes that you’d like to see me draw? Just want to say hi? Please leave a comment below! 🙂

If you would like to be updated as we put out this new content, you can take your pick of social media or email newsletter below…

If you would like to keep reading, here are some more recent content…

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Ross McConnell

DM, aspiring artist, and founder of 2-Minute Tabletop! I love drawing, writing, and worldbuilding, and this is the website where all of it comes together.

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Published: October 15, 2020
Tagged: blog, frost, ice, snow, winter

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