Silent Snowy Cemetery

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This crowded cemetery battle map offers an atmospheric encounter perfect for a Halloween game or a campaign set in the winter.

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PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00

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The graveyard perimeter fence barely contained them. Countless snapping skeletons stretching their impotent arms between the iron bars, ravenously clutching at the air, their hollow eye sockets trained on the party. The paladin twitched with excitement.


Snowy Road

The party trudges on through muddy snow, clothes wrapped tightly. The sound of gurgling water cuts through the crisp air. A brook. They stop at the snow covered bridge and rest their weary feet, watching clumps of ice float lazily downstream. Something stirs underneath.


Inside your download:

  • The Silent Snowy Cemetery PDFs, with black & white and color versions and and several square and hex grid options. To see how these grid and color options are applied, please check out our Printing Guide.
  • The Silent Snowy Cemetery JPG, suitable for Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, or another virtual tabletop.