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Myn’hool is a crime-ridden sci-fi world, full of gangsters, ne’er-do-wells, and incompetent governance. Does your setting feature a world like this? This article is designed to help you flesh it out.

Welcome to Myn’hool, a crime-ridden world on the fringe. A weak local government hides in its fortified compound while the streets are run by gangsters, evil space wizards, and general miscreants.

Myn’hool is a frontier planet under the rule of the Walpurgis Federation. Its only continent is mostly covered by a single metropolitan area. An automated train network crisscrosses the city, and most neighborhoods are clustered around a train station. The planetary government only really controls two areas of the city: The spaceport, on the eastern coast, and the Government Center, on the west coast.

The rest of Myn’hool’s only city is plagued by constant fighting between gangs, corporate security, and civilian militias. The gangs range from youthful troublemakers like the Kettu Gang to the local branch of the mafia-like Hundred Star Syndicate. Beyond that, police patrols are infrequent and gangs, corporate security, and civilian militias control their neighborhoods. Here, your gun is worth more than your life.

It wasn’t always like this. A century ago, Myn’hool was a promising place, the jewel of the frontier. Its extensive transit network kept pollution to a minimum while allowing quick and easy travel between the then-separate cities. The blue-water mineral extraction industry brought great wealth to the world, and the secondary manufacturing industry made goods plentiful and cheap.

Unfortunately, nothing good lasts forever. Between the collapse of the galactic government and the wildly incompetent rulership of Governor Milo Beel, most companies pulled out of Myn’hool, and the social safety net was torn to shreds. Blocks of factories sit abandoned. Mineral extraction rigs sit out at sea, mostly inactive and rotting. Gangs run rampant, free from any concern about police retaliation.

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Government Center

On the east coast, there is a complex of concrete buildings surrounded by two thick walls. This is “Government Center”, the brain and immune system of this sick planet. Armored guards carrying rifles patrol the walls, firing on any civilians who come too close. The street-level access has been sealed for years, but a rail link allows cargo and official passengers into Government Center.

The interior of Government Center is surprisingly luxurious. Artwork, either imported from off-world or created before Myn’hool’s descent into chaos, lines the walls. Plush, comfortable seating can be found in every room. In the basement, there is a large stockpile of alcohol and hallucinogens.

Milo Beel, governor. Governor Beel is a tall, rotund man who has spent the last ten years using the planet’s budget to pay for exotic alcohols, comfortable furniture, and just enough security to make sure the chaos outside never reaches inside Government Center.

Eli Shax, head of security. Eli Shax is a grizzled old man with white hair. He is responsible for the police force of Myn’hool, from street-level patrols to the heavily armed guards at Government Center. He is only 30 years old but looks at least a decade older from the stress.

The guards and police of Myn’hool wear full-body armor and carry rifles. The sound of distant sirens is nearly constant in the city, though sightings of their cars and hoverbikes are fairly rare. In order to keep up the appearance of actually enforcing the law, the police have set up speaker systems around the city to periodically play police siren sounds.

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The Spaceport

On the east coast of Myn’hool, there is a large concrete pad dotted with hangars, tanks, and spacecraft. A complex network of walkways and pipes extends from the spaceport to a naval dock, where ships offload materials extracted from the seabed.

There are two access points to the rail network from the spaceport: One, serviced by the automated passenger trains, and a second serviced by manned freight haulers. A dozen or so food vendors hang around the passenger terminal at any given time, selling meats of dubious provenance.

Due to chronic understaffing, the spaceport is a chaotic place, and most ships land wherever they think they can fit.

The Seleucia

The Seleucia is a Hound-class cargo hauler with enough horsepower to leave most customs patrols in its dust. Its captain, U’niz Zada, prefers to haul legitimate cargo, but sometimes the margin on illicit cargo is just too hard to resist.

U’niz Zada, wokro smuggler. U’niz is a smuggler, a classical scoundrel. He moves weapons, chemicals, and sometimes even legitimate goods. His ship, the Seleucia, is nimble but lightly armed. Its small size allows it to make pickups and drop-offs in tight, concealed spaces.

M1G, robotic astrogator. M1G is a four-legged robot with a dome-like head. She speaks with a deep, synthetic voice, and spends a lot of her time making sarcastic remarks at U’niz. She is a stripped-down version of a military artillery calculator.

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Myn’hool News Network

MNN is the premier news network on Myn’hool, and operates out of an antenna-studded skyscraper in the central district. Four of the top five floors of the building are dedicated to MNN’s legitimate operations, but the fifth is a clandestine listening post run by the Commonwealth Intelligence Agency.

Jossen Klosh, news anchor. Jossen is a pale-skinned man with short, brown hair and a winning smile. He delivers most of the news broadcasts for MNN.

W’rae, reporter. W’rae is a purple-skinned squidian who handles most of the on-location reporting for MNN. Her voice is artificially pitched downwards in the news broadcasts, as it is painfully high in person. She wants to be an anchor someday and puts her all into chasing stories to prove her worth.

Kathry, simiac cameraperson. Kathry is a female simiac, who works as W’rae’s long-suffering camera person. She has never learned to speak the local language of Myn’hool, but understands it just fine, and communicates largely by gesturing.

Major Gardari Yehil, intelligence agent. Major Yehil is a blue-skinned humanoid with black hair and red eyes. He works for the Commonwealth Intelligence Agency, heading up the listening post in MNN headquarters. This location allows a lot of their listening equipment to go overlooked. He is a dedicated patriot, but his family back home may provide leverage for blackmail.

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Squealers is a dive bar located near one of the planet’s major transit stations. Its black door is outlined by red light strips, and its interior continues the black and red theme.

Duzorr, gurzkii bartender. Duzorr is a squat, pig-faced creature from the planet Gurz. He speaks with a deep, gravelly voice and waddles a bit when he walks. He pretends that his hearing isn’t very good so that people talk more around him, and he sells what he learns for money.

T’rell, squidian drug dealer. T’rell is a squid-like alien piloting a water-filled suit. He himself is about the size of a human’s torso, but the suit lets him stand at roughly average human height. The suit’s voice sounds distinctly robotic. Despite being a strange alien, T’rell’s facial expressions are very recognizable to humans, especially when he frowns. He says “man” a lot, usually at the beginning or end of a sentence. Sometimes both, man.

Tayodor Corpus, wokro gambler. Tayodor is a tall, purple-skinned Wokro with a white scar on the left side of his face. Tayodor is charming, flirtatious, and arrogant, but is also hugely in debt. He hangs out in Squealers, attempting to hustle people for money.

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Gangs of Myn’hool

The Disciples

The Disciples are a small group of teenage scoundrels who stole a shipment of goods from another gang, which happened to include a tome of dark secrets. The Disciples use their horrific powers and intimidating visage to extort “protection money” from local shopkeepers, allowing them to focus most of their time on studying forbidden arts.

Kenjare Barsoom, leader. Kenjare is a tall, imposing man whose face is marred with burn scars. He carries an ancient tome of dark rituals with him at all times. His voice is deep and booming, and he carries a double-bladed laser sword.

Bri Dayyo, witch. Dayyo is a tall human woman with blond hair and red eyes. She wears a red cloak and carries a red-bladed laser sword. She has a sadistic streak, and often injures the shop owners she’s supposed to be shaking down for protection money, even if they pay.

Modo, felionoid telekinetic. Modo is a lithe, cat-like humanoid with brown fur covering her entire body. Her eyes are a piercing blue, with slit pupils. She is a highly gifted telekinetic and uses her powers to throw people around, break their limbs, and so on.

The Kettu Gang

The Kettu are small fish by local standards, consisting of a band of hooligans who just like to get into fights and break things. They can be found tearing around the surface streets on hoverbikes almost every night, tormenting civilians, vandalizing buildings and generally being obnoxious.

The Kettu Gang is based out of an old warehouse on the south side of the city. The warehouse has been extensively graffitied with bright sigils, slogans, and vulgar drawings. Inside is a large stock of tools, repair equipment, and illicit substances.

Camdex Hyperion, hoverbike enthusiast. Camdex is a gaunt man with short blond hair and ice-blue eyes. He rides at the front of the pack, leading his gang into whatever trouble the night holds. He has a strong jawline and a deep voice. His bike is dark blue with light blue highlights.

Zayne Pinnat, eager rookie. Zayne is one of the youngest members of the group at only 16. He is still trying to make a name for himself, so he’s very prone to violence. He has dark skin and black hair. He loves speed but thinks that violence will get people to respect him. In fact, his violent streak just worries the other members of the Kettu. His bike is red.

Grease, sauric gangster. Grease is a brown-furred, monkey-like alien with yellow eyes. He likes tinkering more than riding, but he occasionally takes out his highly modified yellow hoverbike for night rides with the gang.

Jez Tamar, gangster female. Jez is a lanky, red-skinned woman with shark-like teeth. Jez carries a bandolier of spray paint cans for painting murals and spraying people in the face. She considers herself an artist and is not entirely wrong.

The Hundred-Star Syndicate

The most infamous criminal organization in the galaxy also has a foothold here, of course. The Hundred-Star Syndicate owns, in one sense or another, a large portion of Myn’hool’s southern slums. The rent from these buildings funds their more sinister operations. Primarily, this funding goes to their ongoing efforts to rebuild an abandoned jetbike factory into a functional but incognito weapons facility.

Bentyl “Ben” Keeg, gunsmith. Ben Keeg is a tan-skinned human man with an extra finger on each hand. He is a keen tinkerer and has turned his talents towards glorious, profitable crime. Specifically, the manufacture of illicit weapons. His work ranges from disabling the safety mechanisms on civilian-legal weapons, to fully fabricating heavy laser guns.

Drallos, parasitized enforcer. Drallos is two beings for the price of one, a human man playing host to a sentient goop-creature known as a bio-parasite. The parasite allows Drallos to create fleshy tentacles, extra teeth in places teeth should not be, and so on. One of the great advantages of employing Drallos in a violent role like this is that he’ll eat people. Whole.

Making Money

Most parties will have little issue making money on Myn’hool. Major Yehil, the Commonwealth Intelligence Agency spy, is always looking for more on-the-ground intelligence and occasionally needs bugs planted or buildings blown up. Ben Keeg of the Hundred-Star Syndicate always needs things moved or, again, destroyed. The Disciples will gladly pay ridiculous amounts of money for anything that appears to be an artifact associated with evil space wizards or other figures of cruelty. The Kettu Gang likes to bet money on racing.


Thanks for reading! I hope you and your players enjoy this awful planet and its gangs. Of course, if this planet is not to your taste, you can rip out the gangs and plop them down basically anywhere— Every inhabited planet in a scifi setting has hoverbike gangs, right?


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