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An figure surges across the land on a sleigh wrought of whale bones and propelled by fel magic, scooping up misbehaving children and vanishing again before the new year…
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This asset pack includes all the pieces you’ll need to run an encounter against the legendary Krampus! We have the manbeast himself, his sleigh, and a trio of captured children trapped in barrels. Will your party be able to catch him and return those kids to their family? Godspeed!

These assets are made specifically for an encounter that Troy and I are working on in tandem with the token creators, so there is more explaining to come! Never fear, we also want to include some yule goats to allow for a more traditional sleigh, and we’re also working on some man-sized sleds for giving chase.

Can you think of a way to include our Krampus in your campaign? I’d truly love to hear about it! It was a lot of fun drawing him, and now I can’t wait to hear of the trouble he’ll cause. 🙂

In the meantime, what stories does this town map awaken in your mind? Please share them in the comments!

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