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Dragon's Lair Bridge - River

One of my favorite edits is simply to change water to lava – but it works the other way around, too! This week I spent some time with one of my oldest maps, the Dragon’s Lair Bridge, and transported it from a volcano to a rapid.

Here, a crumbling bridge spans a river that splits two stony shores. The stakes are certainly a lot lower with this variant! Whereas lava offers swift annihilation, clumsy player characters could possibly be retrieved downstream on this map – perhaps a little bruised, but alive!

Both maps are at my old 23×16 standard, but might be played at 200% scale for a larger, grander bridge. Perhaps a predator of some sort lurks below, emerging to snack on anyone who attempts a crossing. You know, I may have just the crab for that below…

Find stat blocks for a Colossal Crab and its tamers in:
Crushed Atop the Cliffs – Colossal Crab and Sahuagin Encounter


Have you claimed this pack before? Simply re-download the ‘Master ZIP’ from your Downloads page or downloads email. Otherwise, you can claim it in one of the packs below…

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