The Volcanic Descent

You were prepared for kobolds, but no one warned you of the harpies!  

The Forgotten Crypt

Accompanied by PrintableHeroe’s paper ghouls, this long forgotten crypt will not be easily plundered.

The Forgotten Well

In collaboration with PrintableHeroes, I present to you this spider infested map & token pack!  

The Forgotten Tomb

A cemetery stands amidst the underbrush on the outskirts of town, a remnant from another age.  

The Forest Glade

Just off the beaten path, this peaceful glade makes for a perfect campsite or random encounter!  

The Rope Bridge

Have your Acrobatics modifier at hand, because this bridge is a boss fight unto itself!  

The City Street

This cobbled street will bring some context to your collection of buildings, and makes for a spacious arena when the party runs into guards or drunks!

Twisting Trail Battle Map

The Twisting Trail

These bandits are truly masters of their craft. Nothing works like a an upturned wagon!

The Hungering Pit

The perfect battle map for a classic “stumble upon a dark ritual in progress” encounter! (Fair maiden not included)

The Cosy Cottage

This cramped little building prints out on two pages, and you can even furnish it yourself!

The Lonely Tower

A spacious, four-storey tower. The perfect bandit base or player character hub!

The World of Sanspants

This is my first shot at a campaign / world map, the exciting world invented by Adam of Sanspants Radio.

The Cavern Torture Chamber

Here the cavern takes – quite literally – a dark turn, opening into a small, blood-spattered torture chamber.

My Painting Process

This is my commentary on how I color my battle maps using Gimp, a free alternative to Photoshop. I focus mostly on the ever-important skill of layer management, and ramble a little about color theory too.

The Dwarven Outpost

Nestled in the hills between two dwarven strongholds, this outpost acts as a stepping stone for the dwarves unfortunate enough to be assigned topside patrols.

The Cavern Waterfall

Filling the whole cavern complex with a droning roar, this icy waterfall begins in mystery and ends in mystery.

The Town of Woodside

My first regional fantasy map, the wood-side town of Woodside. (I’m an artist, not a writer).

The Cavern River

Where daring players might venture to find secret pathways and glowing treasure.

The Rotation Station

My first dive into both regional maps AND sci-fi maps!

The Golem Forge

The arcane smith, his forge, and storefront of magical trinkets.

The Cavern Crossroad

Where tunnels intersect and algae grows next to a subterranean stream.

The Mermaid Inn

Add some flair to your adventure seed with a mer dancer and a curious inn.

The Cavern Corral

Travelling deeper into the cavern, you find a curious collection of cages…

The River Jetty

A ramshackle homestead built on the marshy shores of a lazy river.

The Cavern Mouth

The first map in my largest battle map set yet, the mouth of a great cavern.

How To Draw Grass

Drawing grass from a top-down perspective takes a little thought to avoid a blank sheet of paper, or a time-consuming mess of hatches. This guide falls somewhere in the middle – a happy medium, if you will!

The Tropical Island

The perfect place to shipwreck or bury your treasures, the tiny Tropical Island.

The Wooden Watchtower

Every flavor of timber-made tower in one convenient package!

How To Draw Rubble

How to fill your map with difficult terrain and annoy your players!

This Week’s Rescans

I’m getting back into the swing of my rescan project after a long hiatus, and here are this week’s maps.

The Forest Road

A narrow road winds through dense fir woods. Moss and grass abound. Elves too, I’d bet.

The Halfway Camp

The town is still a ways off. Ride into the dark, or risk a night in the wild?

How To Draw Trees (Pt.1/3)

The first and simplest way I draw common trees, the cross section approach, as seen in the Jungle Stream.

The Damp Mine Exterior

Today I drew a mine’s entrance battle map, well and truly ready for goblin occupation!

How To Draw Elevation

A guide to the three ways I draw elevation on my battle maps; ridges, slopes and cliffs.