A narrow road winds through dense fir woods. Moss and grass abound. Elves too, I’d bet.

Forest Road (0)

Yesterday I stumbled across this map while paging through my drawings. It’s actually one of the first I drew, and one of the first I shared on the internet, but somehow it slipped through the cracks when I started up this website!

It’s one of my old favorites, and rightfully deserves its belated seat in the gallery.


You can download the Forest Road below:

[thrive_megabutton mt=”DOWNLOAD” st=”Forest Road” color=”red” link=”https://2minutetabletop.com/index.php/product/forest-road/” target=”_self” align=”aligncenter”]



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Ross McConnell

DM, aspiring artist, and founder of 2-Minute Tabletop! I love drawing, writing, and worldbuilding, and this is the website where all of it comes together.

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Published: March 2, 2016
Tagged: battle map, blog

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