One last modular building, at least for now!

I’m wrapping up this long project of modular buildings today with The Adored Abode. Yes, I’m running low on alliterate names. No, they’re probably not going to be a theme next time.

This one has an interesting basement that is mostly empty, for I intend you to populate it. Do prisoners whimper behind those doors? Perhaps the sweet song of gold draws the ear? An art goblin scratching on canvas? At the very least, it’s an all-purpose basement for your new collection of shops.


The Adored Abode set piece can be downloaded here:

[thrive_megabutton mt=”DOWNLOAD” st=”The Adored Abode” color=”red” link=”” target=”_self” align=”aligncenter”]

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Ross McConnell

Artist and DM, I draw the maps, record the videos, and write the articles here at 2-Minute Table Top. It's my ideal creative outlet, and it's all thanks to you!

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Published: November 9, 2015
Tagged: battle map, blog

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