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For fans of the Old West or the Harry Potter series, this is for you! This map pack contains a wood-clad economy class passenger car, and a Hogwarts Express-inspired premium class car with private booths.

Our train grows ever longer! You can now run a complete train heist encounter should you wish to do so, forcing your players through rows of benches and passengers, any one of which might choose to be a hero.

Steam Train Passenger Cars, Banner Preview

Nervous, alarmed glances were exchanged between the passengers of the first cart. Four of the black-coated brigands were moving between the rows of seats, collecting sacks of jewelry and other expensive belongings. Their apparent leader, the same man who had kicked the door in and initiated the robbery, paced from the cart’s front to its back. He collected one of his men, moving him out of earshot of their victims.
“Get everything you can, then start heading to the back. I’ll check on the other carts and find the cargo.” The other man nodded then moved back to the passengers, crossbow in hand.
The leader of the bandits stepped through the doors and over the gap to the second passenger cart. This second cart mirrored the first, with rows of rich and snobbish patrons handing their prizes over at crossbow-point. A particular man shot the brigand with a glare, to which he responded with a wink and smug grin of dirty teeth. He removed his worn leather hat, resting it on the edge of a seat. Anonymity was futile in this region. Their black dusters would be more than enough to identify the group, doubly so for Warren Blake himself.
Business was conducting smoothly, with none of the patrons attempting a heroic counterattack or making a move for a weapon. The abundance of soft silks and linens, soaked in the scent cleanliness and flower petals, confirmed that they were not any sort of working or fighting folk. Ironic, that those who had the most to steal also made for the easiest marks.
The gang of them could be rich by the end of the job, but ‘rich’ only lasts so long. What gold could be made was nothing more than a fortunate addition to their true goal. Rumors had circulated of a store of weapons, more advanced than had ever been seen before, being transported amidst the train’s cargo. Ownership of these weapons would secure them a future of not just riches, but indisputable power.
These thoughts flooded the leader’s mind as he moved through the second passenger cart. His finger scratched the wood of the crossbow at his side as he again stepped between carriages, this time into a section of private booths. Another of his men was standing opposite him, entering from the cart’s back. The people in the booths were quiet, their doors closed in defense or disguise. He could leave his compatriot to gather their… No. His men were among the passengers in the front. None were this far back. He looked up. Brown coat, red mask. A bandit, but not one of his.
The opposite man brought his arms up, aiming a metal weapon that resembled a crossbow without limbs or string.
Blake whipped open the door next to him and dropped into the booth as an explosion rang from across the cart. The booth’s wooden frame shattered and splintered as a projectile, far faster than a bolt, ripped through the air. Two screams rose in tandem, a woman and her husband scrambling against the wall to escape Blake.
He collected himself, paying a brief salute to the couple and crawling back to the door. He peeked out to watch the enemy bandit struggling to reload a weapon he was clearly new to wielding. Warren turned back, wrenching a wine glass from the woman’s panicked grip. With a deep breath, he rounded the corner back into the corridor. He cast the glass at his opponent, quickening his pace behind it.
The sharp impact against his attacker’s eye gave Warren the opening he needed. One arm pushed the weapon’s barrel to the side. His momentum brought the two crashing to the floor, a pained groan escaping from the other man as Blake’s forearm pressed down on his chest.
With his knee pinning the man’s arm down, Warren brought his crossbow to his side, the bolt’s point not an inch from the man under him.
They had competition, and their competition had already reached the weapons. He’d have to move quickly. No time for interrogation.
A mechanical clunk was followed by a bolt piercing the wood of the carriage’s floor.

– by Troy McConnell
More content by Troy

In the coming weeks I intend to flesh this train out further with open and enclosed cargo carts plus a one-size-fits-all roof (I have not forgotten it), and then a collection of decorations and other bits and pieces you might need to prepare that heist encounter I am imagining. Be sure to let me know what you’d like to see in the comments!

Of course, it’s not going to be just trains over the next few weeks. I will also be adding to the sewer set and creating more medieval and fantasy items. I’ll see you then!

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, thanks to our generous supporters. If you would like to use this map commercially, please contact me 🙂

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