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The orderly stable of a venerable farmer, where his beloved horses shelter in luxury. Beams of happy sunlight filter through the roof slats, and the rich smell of straw buzzes in the nostrils.

Simple Stable Battle Map - Banner

Howdy folk! A stable battle map has been on my to-draw list since I finished up the inn, and now we finally have a place for your adventuring mounts to spend the night in comfort.

Five horse-sized stalls line the interior of this weatherproof building, and a staircase and crane access the loft above and its vast storage space.

As far as battles go, this map begs to be defended in a dramatic gun fight, or perhaps your players could be put on the attack. Alternatively, it’s a great bed for a party of sneaky murder-hobos!

What ideas come to your mind? Let us know in the comments!

The Telambar Stables

The local stablemaster, Tess Telambar, runs a quiet business. She offers basic mounts, of course, but also hints at other, more exciting ‘stock’.

Describing the stable

The stable itself is a strong, if dirty, two-story wooden building. It is basic but well-constructed, with large doors on either side and a shaded, external area currently covering stacks of hay. Then, there is the smell; a smell that only grows stronger as the hefty doors swing open. Dry grass and treated wood are barely perceptible under the stench of horse manure that clouds the air. The sources have been cleaned away, but their miasma lingers.
A horse whinnies as light fills the interior. The reactionary fidgeting of hooves follows as each equine resident peeks out to greet you. There are five stalls, three on the left and two on the right, with a set of stairs occupying the free space at the opposite end. They lead to the U-shaped upper floor, also accessible by two ladders. A rush of air follows you in, briefly diluting the air. The creaking of wood and rope above your heads alerts you to the crane system, complete with small platform and hand-crank. Much like outside, crates, saddles, tools, and stacks and patches of hay are haphazardly strewn across the two floors.
The building proudly displays the hard work of its construction and use, and the horses it houses seem perfectly content.

The Stable-master, Tess Telambar

Miss Telambar, despite her best efforts, is the exact kind of person to draw attention to herself in such a small town. Her awkward demeanor and fluctuating accent betray an effort to assimilate into the community, contrasting with the clear quality of her education. To put it simply, she does not fit. But the townsfolk do not pry. She has never been a problem for them, despite drawing odd patronage, so they are satisfied with leaving her be. Or perhaps it is fear. After all, it was not long after her arrival that a passing traveler made mention of a disgraced court mage who fled from the capital. Such a rumor, evolving as all small-town gossip does, has made many residents wary of the truth to Tess Telambar.

Tess is a half-elven woman, unassuming at first glance. She stands at around five feet and appears to be in her thirties, with fair skin that stands out from the sun-burnt aging of many country folks. It seems strangely clean, even of the inherent, irremovable grime that stains most stable-masters. The sharp features of her face are almost constantly lifted in a smile, though her bright green eyes do not share the expression. They dart across her surroundings as if constantly analyzing and processing. Her brown hair ends at her shoulders, with many strands noticeably singed.
The stable-master wears basic working leathers, though those that pay close attention do notice a small pouch that she keeps out of view.

– by Troy McConnell
More content by Troy

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