A sandy desert interspersed with withered trees and low, rocky formations.

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Rocky Desert - Base Map - Day - 32x22

Rootyful dove back into the desert theme this month to create this sandy clearing. It’s been some time since we’ve worked on what I call an ‘everyday encounter’ map. Though we’re making more and more points of interest, sometimes you just need an iconic desert map!

Don’t miss out on the map variants, gold-tier patrons! Each one features a unique layout, expanding your repertoire of desert encounter maps. Hmm, what other ‘everyday encounter’ maps should should we make next?

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Download the Rocky Desert battle maps

You can download the digital files below, where you’ll also get an opportunity to support us. Thank you! It’s thanks to you that we can keep making these maps and assets. 🙂

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  • Rocky Desert - Base Map - Day - 32x22
    Rocky Desert
    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Rocky Desert battle map - Variants preview
    Rocky Desert Pack
  • Everything Pack Temporary Product Image
    The Everything Pack
    Product on sale

And here are a few more desert maps you may enjoy…

  • Crumbling Desert Tomb Battle Map – Grid Preview
    Crumbling Desert Tomb
    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Winding Desert Catacomb Egyptian Battle Map, Grid Preview
    Winding Desert Catacomb
    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Desert Map Assets - Example battle map
    Desert Map Assets
    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Desert Oasis Town - Clear - Day - 22x16
    Desert Oasis Town
    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Ancient Desert Temple battle map - Desert - Day
    Ancient Desert Temple
    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Ancient Desert Catacomb - Desert - Day - 44x32
    Ancient Desert Catacomb
    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Ancient Desert Ritual Room battle map - Zoom 2
    Ancient Desert Ritual Room
    PWYW: $1 or FREE $1.00
  • Desert Encounters
    Desert Encounters

We can offer this base pack for free thanks to our generous Patreon supporters

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Published: December 20, 2022

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