How To Make a Custom Dungeon Map with Photoshop

How To Make a Custom Dungeon Map with Photoshop

This is my beginner’s guide to Photoshop – specifically in using it to create custom battle maps with my 2-Minute Tabletop assets. Please leave your requests and questions in the comments!

Want to give it a go? Here are some hand-picked asset packs to get you started.

Dungeon Map Assets

Create a dungeon map just like the one above with these:

Forest Map Assets

If your adventures are above the ground, these are the assets for you!

Ocean Map Assets

For seafarers and those sailing the seas, you might like some of these.

Modular Buildings

These buildings have consistent dimensions and staircase placement, meaning you can mix and match the different floors and create a huge number of combinations!

Miscellaneous Map Assets

Finally, some of my favorite asset packs that don’t fit the other categories!

And it doesn’t stop there! I have even more map assets on my gallery:


  1. Mathilde S.

    I’m having issues with the grid size as I’m trying to get the same outcome as you. Do you have a specific preference on the grid size?
    Other: just found your maps etc, and so far very happy.

    1. I always recommend 300 DPI for the DPI, which will control your grid size. You can refer to 00:28 in the video for my explanation, and 11:31 for how to use assets that don’t list the DPI or which import at strange dimensions. If you find assets like those please let me know! I’m trying to hunt down and convert them all to convenient dimensions.

      1. Mathilde S.

        Thanks! It sorted itself out once I changed the grid preference to 300 DPI! I’ll let you know if I find any assets like that, so far all good.

  2. Camp Tokens and Roadside Forest Tokens are delivered only in the old Roll20 format.

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