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I wanted to take another crack at some proper cartography! Well, almost. I have shirked a compass rose and distance rulers and probably a few other things, but it was for a good cause. I have tried to capture the *feeling* of a proper cartographic map while giving you control over the scale, orientation, and labelling. Did I succeed?

You might be wondering how I came to name it “Arvyre” and if it means anything. In short, no. The only meaning it has is that it sounded cool to my 13-year-old self and now evokes some nostalgia in me. You see, Arvyre was my first ever attempt at worldbuilding, long before I knew what Dungeons & Dragons or role-playing (or worldbuilding, for that matter) was. It was just a place I invented and built while I doodled places and monsters in my maths book.

So, this iteration of Arvyre is a tribute to my first ever world; one of the first seeds of imagination that would later become 2-Minute Tabletop. It may be a rather funny name to me now, but it means a lot to me!

Arvyre Continent Map (23x16) Base Map

Do you have space for Arvyre in your current campaign? I hope so. If not, perhaps it will inspire an idea for a new adventure? Whatever the case, please share your creativity in the comments!

In times long-past, the island of Arvyre belonged to a colony versed in advanced magical teachings. The central city was a hub for research of all schools and housed some of the foremost experts in conjuration and transmutation. Their skill was unparalleled, as was their hubris.
What loose recountings still remain of the island describe their final, climactic experiment. The families of the highest rank and greatest repute within the city had combined their efforts in protecting their home. They sought to separate it from the landmass, suspending it in the air as a mobile testament to their ability. But it would seem that their gambit backfired.
Research in the many years since Arvyre began to repopulate has suggested that the levitation held, if only for several minutes. Whether by lack of ability, miscalculation, or sabotage, the city and its supporting terrain broke apart in the air. Pieces were scattered by the discharge of energy, obliterating swathes of the island below. Old witness testimonies colorfully describe ribbons of energy that consumed entire landscapes. It is unknown if they were simply burned away, or transported to a yet-unidentified other plane.
The core of the city fell. Its force shattered the island below, forming what is now known as Magefall Bay.
The only survivors were those of two coastal towns that were not wiped away. Many of their residents left for the mainland, escaping their experience and the stigma now surrounding Arvyre itself.
Those that stayed were forced together. They settled in the new bay, forming what became the city of Vyr’Atal, a name originating from the local dialect and appropriately meaning ‘to be wary of a repeated mistake’. The Foucault family, still possessing their wealth through external connections, led the rebuilding. They abandoned both their position as mages and then leaders, establishing a small estate and settlement to the south. While the Foucaults maintain their wealth and a level of influence, Vyr’Atal is ultimately self-governing.
Aside from small docks, farming settlements, and guard outposts, two other points of interest have arisen over the years: Port Cataskin and the Brightvigil Lighthouse.
The former was established by the Domari family, a smaller house than the Foucaults, as a secondary settlement and port that quickly grew with an influx of migrants. It was an especially tempting location for those of magical skill, who were rarely welcomed in Vyr’Atal. This had the unintended effect of gathering them together, in turn leading to the formation of the Cataskin College of Magical History. The college now attracts all manner of students and researchers and focuses on the discovery and understanding of Arvyrian relics. Expeditions frequently explore the bay, southern archipelago, and most recently a set of ruins discovered beneath the western lakes. While their goal is to avoid future catastrophes by understanding history, their uncovering of past wounds has only strained Cataskin’s relationship with Vyr’Atal.
The Lighthouse was created by the same Domaris, both out of necessity and as an epitaph to the lost city. It rests in the center of the bay, surrounded by the sunken ruins and frequently visited by those wishing to pay their respects or to profit from visitors doing the same. That was until it was purchased by an alumnus of the College, not three decades ago. Public access to the Lighthouse was quickly revoked, though it remains functional. Vyr’Atal has voiced many concerns over this acquisition, given the location’s access to the fractured cityscape, though they seem to go unanswered. Investigations into the new resident and their activity have yielded little results due to their reclusive nature. Strangely, our own inquiries have been unable to find any records of the Lighthouse’s purchase or the owner’s name in Cataskin’s archives.

– by Troy McConnell
More content by Troy

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Published: February 7, 2020

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