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Every now and then someone creates a map so large and detailed that I can imagine running an entire mini-campaign on it. This is one of those maps! Welcome to Crunkle’s Avorio Mansion.

If you’d like to download the full-res versions or the map assets that Crunkle used, you can find those in the downloads section below.

Avorio Mansion Battle Map - Overview

Above is an un-cropped overview of the grounds, and below is a cropped view of the detailed interior. Are you feeling it too? The urge to run a heist, a ball, a murder mystery, or all three at once? Read on to find Crunkle’s master plan.

(Click the images to zoom in)

Avorio Mansion Battle Map preview - Details

These are just tiny, cropped previews, so be sure to check out the Downloads section below. There are nighttime versions there too!

Hi there! I’m Crunkle, otherwise known as u/CunningWhaleFrom on Reddit.

I created this map with the intention of running a heist scenario for my DnD players. Due to our many commitments, it is tough for my group to come together for regular sessions. As a result, I rely on running one-shots which are still tied to my main campaign setting in order to keep the pace up and at least provide all of us with some regular entertainment. I take great joy in designing these side-adventures – they provide ample opportunity for me to take a deep dive in a certain character’s backstory, and to foreshadow world events in the main storyline.

As such, the backstory of this location is based on one of my player characters, an albino half-elf plague doctor named Neo Avorio. Neo’s birth is shrouded in mystery. He was found in a temple of Glasya alongside his unconscious mother and raised by a group of monks who taught him the ways of medicine and self-defence. Now a fully fledged monk initiate, he has decided to step out into the world and put together the mysterious pieces of his past. What better way to explore that than to turn back time, and take a look at the Avorio family back in the old days?

The adventure begins when a member of the tightly-knit Ornakin clan, Jack Solomons, insults Modrus Avorio in public. Modrus is a highly-esteemed politician and guild master of the city. He is apprehended by Modrus’ guards and taken back to the mansion to “sort out their disagreements”. Many days have passed and not a word has been spoken about Jack’s whereabouts. You, as part of the Ornakin clan, have been summoned in order to rescue your kinsman from the clutches of the Avorio family.

The task is practically a suicide mission. The team consists of 4 level 5 players, pit against all 7 of the Avorio family – Kas, Modrus, Dille, Sherri, Grisha, Lou, and Hue Avorio, as well as their guards, loyal servants, and their collection of magical items. Their target is locked away in the heart of the mansion, in a room that no one outside the family has ever seen. In order to survive and reach Jack Solomons, they must lay the groundwork and do the necessary research. Pull whatever connections they have. Plan for the most elaborate of cons. Devise the best route they can muster to penetrate the estate’s defenses. Picture an Ocean’s Eleven scenario – the Ornakin clan may not have access to some mysterious ancestral power, but they accomplish great things through kinship and close cooperation.

While the adventure has not been run yet, the story behind it has informed many parts of its design. Each bedroom of the Avorio family members tells a story of the lives they lived and the people they are. Every person living in the mansion – be it a gardener, servant, or even the steward – has a room and lifestyle accounted for in the set dressing and arrangement of the map. I hope that this gives the Dungeon Master ample resources to respond credibly to the actions of the players and provide a real challenge.

Speaking of challenges, this map is not only limited to the running of heist adventures. Reskin it into a haunted house scenario and run it dungeon-crawler style! Organize a grand ball and have the players navigate through dense layers of intrigue. Maybe use it as the party’s keep, a reward by the local leadership for a good job done. Or take up arms to help the inhabitants of the mansion defend against some fiendish threat, crawling in right from the bowels of the building. Take it apart, repurpose it, and tweak it to suit your needs.

I’d like to make a shout-out to my friend Ken, who offered his time and energy to help playtest this map right from its infancy. It started as a couple of boxes in a Google Slides presentation, and it took 2 months and support from the awesome 2-Minute Tabletop asset packs to finally bring it to fruition. After many nights just chipping away at it after work, I’m glad and grateful to call it done.

– Crunkle


Crunkle has generously provided the high-res versions for you to use in your own games! You can find them on our Google Drive by clicking the button below:

Map Asset Downloads

Interested in the map assets that Crunkle used to create this map? You can find most of them listed here…


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About the author

Ross McConnell

DM, aspiring artist, and founder of 2-Minute Tabletop! I love drawing, writing, and worldbuilding, and this is the website where all of it comes together.

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  1. This is a beautiful map. You must have put a lot of work into the details of this map. The scaling and asset alignment is flawless. I was wondering how stairs went from B1 to F2, but see the note on the other map showing it is a demiplane. This is interesting concept to hide treasure room. did you have an idea on how pcs would access this from the basement? Traps? Puzzle? Would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Hey Michael! Thanks for the kind words 🙂

      For my adventure, I didn’t have a concrete plan for it actually! I did have a couple of ideas however, depending on the pacing and moment of the game. I would employ them based on the situation and the people I’m running the game for:

      1) Quick and dirty (Either you want to end the heist fast, or put more emphasis on a larger event that is to come) – The door requires a magical key/object/password. If the specific object isn’t used, the door opens to reveal a broom closet.

      2) Something social/tricky – The door is watched by the soul of a djinni/dragon, so some form of riddle or persuasion could come into play like you mentioned 🙂

      3) Something tragic/dreadful – A straight dead-end, the door can only be opened by the members of the family. If the players are under pursuit, they have no escape.

      4) Something prank-ish – The door opens into a different room depending on whether you push/pull, and in whichever direction you turn the doorknob. May be good for a lighthearted game.

  2. This map is fantastic and exactly what I was looking for! I don’t suppose you know how this is designed to measure out in a grid do you?

  3. Sorry, a bit late to the party, but I’m making a mansion too and I came across this beautiful map. By any chance, do you know in which asset pack can the walls used for the interior part of the mansion be found? Or are they originally made by Crunkle? I’ve searched through the asset packs listed for the interior, and I wasn’t able to find them 🙁

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