In Walls That Talk, Part 4 – Conclusion

The fateful conclusion of the adventure in MacHale Manor. Will the party overcome Gabrien’s lies, and where will it take them next?

Troy McConnell

In Walls That Talk, Part 3 – The Second Floor

The third part in the adventure through the haunted MacHale Manor. Can the party find all the clues and uncover the truth?

Troy McConnell

Crunkle’s ‘Avorio Mansion’ Heist Map

Crunkle’s Avorio Mansion spans an entire estate, including the basement, three floors, and day & night versions. The perfect heist battle map!

Ross McConnell

In Walls That Talk, Part 2 – Entering the Manor

The party enters a manor said to be haunted, yet nothing happens. What awaits them in the house and what might they find in its many rooms?

Troy McConnell

In Walls That Talk, Part 1 – The MacHale Estate

A new adventure takes the party north of Greybanner to the storied MacHale Estate. But what will they find and are the rumors of ghosts true?

Troy McConnell