The Anvil Rock is a rocky peak that reaches above the clouds; a hand-drawn, high fantasy battle map created for virtual tabletop or print.

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This battle map might invoke dizziness for two reasons: first, the unease it might give you if you’re as afraid of heights as I am! Second, the perplexing perspective. You see, Anvil Rock is a little more abstract than I usually dare draw, but I thought it was fitting for this particular map concept.

With this rule-breaking angle the flat peak can serve as a standard battle ground with a standard grid, but the staircase and the surroundings are drawn in service of showing the sheer height of this mountaintop. It’s a loose perspective and I recommend playing with loose movement rules for everything except the plateau. If this doesn’t jive with you or your players, I heartily recommend the Snowy Summit instead. 🙂

Does this fantastical mountain peak have a place in your world? What might be its significance or fantastical lore, if so? I’d love to hear about your ideas in the comments!

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