The Dragon’s Lair


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For the first time on 2-Minute Table Top, a multi-part battle map.

The Dragon’s Lair comes in three pieces, the bridge, entrance and burrow, and altogether spans 12 pages / 552 squares / 2760 ft2.

Another first is a new PDF format. The Dragon’s Lair PDFs come in both A4- and US Letter-optimized page dimensions. It is now very easy to print no matter your country’s standard for printer paper. Each map covers a single A2 page, four A4 pages, or four US Letter pages, simply have your printer print in poster mode and at 100% tile scale and you’re good to go. An updated video guide is coming very soon.

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The bridge connects the lair to the volcano’s mouth, over a sea of boiling lava.

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A hop, skip and a jump (literally) from the bridge is the lair’s entrance.

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Finally, the dragon’s burrow. The perfect place to amass piles of gold, eggs or skeletons, depending on the great lizard’s hobby. Obviously, this isn’t interior design.

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Let me know what other multi-part maps you’d like to see in the comments, and please leave your vote regarding “would you help crowdfund this site?” in the poll in the sidebar.

Special thanks to JR for commissioning this piece, and to everyone else who throws their dollars my way, encouraging me to continue this series.

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