Filling the whole cavern complex with a droning roar, this icy waterfall begins in mystery and ends in mystery.

The cavern’s treacherous river finds its end in this dark chasm. On the other side is a ledge, and a suspicious altar covered in fresh blood. Behind it – perhaps activated by it – is a secret, narrow tunnel that leads to the main chamber. Finally, at the end of the stalagmite-filled passage, there lays a pristine war hammer glowing a divine blue light.

This is the sixth map in the Madness of the Rat King cavern system. If you’d like context for all these puzzle pieces, I can’t recommend this module enough. The entirety of this cavern is included in Tomer’s pay-what-you-want adventure, along with a wonderful cast of NPCs, encounters and flavor text.


You can also download the Cavern Waterfall here on 2-Minute Table Top:

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Published: June 20, 2016
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