Cavern Waterfall


The cavern is filled with swirling mist and an endless roar. Your map reads “follow alongside the river” but all that you have found is the river’s deadly terminus. Across the chasm, appearing and disappearing in the vapor, is a blocky altar. Perhaps that is where the Hammer of the Clear Sky rests?

This map was commissioned for the module Madness of the Rat King, by Tomer Abramovici, and may alternatively be purchased here.

This package contains:

  • The pictured battle map, in color and black & white versions, with the following grid options:
    • Gridless
    • Square, black, white or blurred
    • Hexagonal, black, white or blurred
  • The pictured battlemap, colored and in a format optimized for Roll20 and other virtual table tops

To see how the grid options are applied, check out our Printing Guide
Likewise, for a how-to on set piece assembly, here’s a link to our Assembly Tips