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The new episode of The Walking Dead inspired this one. Feel free to fill it with anything you want though, not just zombies!

Search for the Buried City of Mel-theqar

Journals of Lord Bernard Islington-Wellerby

Chapter 1

Day 14
Finally, we have a true heading. For all the myths and tales of the buried city being located in this region, we have not found any clue as to exactly where. Until now!
Rumor has it that the Ironwallow Company has a quarry nearby that was removed from records. It’s vague information, but I have a good feeling about it.
I have never been so excited!

Day 16
Our research into the secret quarry is bearing fruit. We have uncovered paperwork suggesting that equipment has been carried out of the city and to a location in the southern fields. Best of all, not all of it was mining tools!
Maxine questioned a representative of the company, who denied it despite her brilliant conversational skills. She really is incredible.
I have to wonder what possible reasons they could have for hiding the site? It must be that they’ve found evidence of the city and are hiding it. They want the glory for themselves, but this discovery belongs to the world.

Day 20
We were right! We followed a cart of supplies that left the city and it led us straight to a quarry in the middle of nowhere.
For the moment, we are camped outside, observing. Crates are carried out of the entrance twice a day and carted towards the city. Workers are lifting them by hand, so they surely cannot be full of rocks or ore. Artifacts, perhaps? We followed one of the shipments back to town and saw it taken through a sewer entrance outside of the walls.
This is unacceptable. Ironwallow is obviously selling relics on a black market. The thought of them profiting from historical items sickens me. How could they possibly value money over the discoveries they could bring?
Davven will sneak in tomorrow to find evidence of Mel-theqar. I trust his infiltration talents, and procuring one of the items could help us prove Ironwallow’s crimes.

Day 26
Davven is yet to return from the quarry.
Shipments continue like clockwork. The only change was several days ago when they dragged out and burned a large sack. It seemed to drip a dark trail and the fire’s smell was putrid.
Maxine ran when she saw it. I tried to ask why, but her hysterical sobbing had overtaken her.
It’s just me now. If Davven does not return within a day, I will make my own way in.

Day 29
It appears we were mistaken. I found no relics or ruins within the caves, and those inside seemed very perturbed by my presence. Not surprising. There are not many who could make it as far as I have.
Despite my disappointment over not finding Mel-theqar, I have benefitted from this venture. The Ironwallows recognized my status and reputation and we have come to a lucrative agreement. In exchange for not speaking of the company, the substances they were producing, or their quarry’s whereabouts, I have received a tidy payment and only minor bruising.

Day 30
I have returned to town. Still no sign of Davven, but there is no time to search.
My journals must be edited before they are published. I did not mention them to the Ironwallows, but I am sure that striking out details from the text will suffice for satisfying our agreement.
This entry must be left in, of course, to record the first of many successful expeditions by Lord Bernard Islington-Wellerby, master explorer!

– by Troy McConnell
More content by Troy

In fact, I only called it “abandoned” for fun. You can slap a set-piece building in the parking lot and have it functioning perfectly. Likewise, the ominous glow at the cave mouth could be raging hellfire or merely a particularly enthusiastic lantern! Go wild, or not.

You can download the Abandoned Quarry battle map completely FREE.

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Published: October 16, 2015
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