The Pirate’s Grotto Battle Map

A huge 32×44 battle map of a tropical sea cave and a wrecked pirate ship. There’s treasure to be had… If you can overcome the scavengers.

Ross McConnell

Strife in the Skies, Part 1: The Vagrant Nimbus – Airship Crew NPCs

The Vagrant Nimbus airship, home to an experienced crew, has taken on several secretive passengers for the party to travel with.

Troy McConnell

The Kiryanov Archipelago

Take your players on an island-hopping adventure in the Kiryanov Archipelago, Garm’s latest ‘modular region’ worldbuilding supplement.


The Sailing Chef Ship Battle Map

Our latest battle map is a sailing ship combined with a luxurious restaurant, a unique encounter to throw into any fantasy seafaring adventure!

Ross McConnell

The SHIPYARD Battle Map

My 23×16″ hand-drawn shipyard battle map, ready for print or virtual tabletop. Download the base maps and a galleon ship for free thanks to our Patrons!

Ross McConnell

Karl’s Galleon Encounter

This Community Gallery post features Karl’s construction of our Galleon ship battle map. It’s sturdy, 3D, and altogether impressive!

Ross McConnell

10 More Ocean Encounters

The party’s journey continues across the world’s oceans. They have faced monsters both above and below the surface, and even contended with enchanted weather. But they are not done yet, and further dangers await! Below you will find the expanded encounter descriptions for the second half of our Ocean Encounters d20 Chart. They should contain

Troy McConnell

10 Encounters At Sea

Your party now sails the seas, whether as hired crew or captaining their own ship, and encounters await them! Maybe you’re preparing to use our Ocean Encounters d20 Chart, after inspiration to run Ghosts of Saltmarsh, or crafting your own campaign. To help you along, here are some expanded explanations for the encounters featured in

Troy McConnell