A large storehouse for the various cargo that comes and goes through this busy port.

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Shipyard Warehouse - Medium preview

Hikaru is the architect behind this charming map! It’s another subject that has been on our todo list for a long time, and Karu has gone above and beyond by carefully linking it up with my old Shipyard. (I’ll include both maps in the Downloads section).

The warehouse also boasts a second floor and a nighttime version:

I always find myself using warehouses as gambling dens, thief hideouts, fight clubs, and sometimes even as warehouses. Do any such ideas pop into your mind? Please share them in the comments. 🙂

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  1. It's a warehouse. BUT… The night guard is an old veteran of the wars, a man with no family who has seen too much death. An injured baby sea monster (seadrake, wakewyrm, plesiosaur, whatever you pick) limped in underneath the warehouse, and is recovering there. The guard uses a trapdoor to lower food down, and the creature sees him as a friend now.

    Unfortunately, feeding even a very young sea monster is not cheap, well beyond a guard's wage. The guard has been quietly "lightening" some of the inbound shipments by small amounts, then reselling them for money or feeding things like pilfered fish directly to his 'pet.'

    It has taken a while, but complaints from buyers have filtered back to sellers and now the warehouse is being asked what's going on. They'll hire a low-level group with limited experience to look into things for them. Meanwhile, "Nessie" is almost better now, though she'll always carry a slight handicap from her injuries.

    Can the guard get through the social encounteres and bluff the PCs, giving Nessie enough time to get better? If the PCs find out the truth, what do they do?

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Published: November 12, 2022

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