Water gathers in the fissures of rocky terrain, making this part of the desert relatively cool and green.

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Rocky Fissures - Desert - Day - 22x16

This map pack is the first from Vladir Winters, a fresh addition to our map artists team! As you can see, they have the unique ability to take a simple concept and make a map full of interesting pathways, obstacles, and gorgeous colors.

These fissures span a 23×16 space and come in our usual day and night flavors. Perhaps they mark a good place to camp when passing through these wilds, and adventurers might lower buckets and waterskins into the pits in order to refresh themselves.

Just as easily, they could attract monsters and opportunity seekers…

The map variants and assets are also full of variety, so don’t neglect to check those out below! And, as always, we’d love to hear your feedback and encounter ideas. 🙂

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  1. If you ever visit The Monkey Jungle near Miami, Florida you can see terrain just like this. The sinkholes themselves have a fair bit of life, from plants growing on the side to fish, birds. A GM can do a lot with them. If the limestone has enough wear, you can even connect some of the holes via underground passageways to add another level of creature.

    In the real Monkey Jungle the monkeys, who live outside while the humans wander through in caged walkways, really love it there.

    There's also King the Gorilla, rescued from a circus. He has his own hurricane-proof concrete shelter, with a TV and a remote he uses. He drinks iced tea (unsweetened), eats vegetables, and is very partial to Tarzan and Frozen. So, imagine the gorilla chillin' in his house, using the remote to call up Tarzan on TV and while drinking an iced tea.

    How's THAT for a mental picture? And it's all true. If you're in the neighborhood, I recommend a visit.

    Some days, though, it feels hard to compete when designing fantasy….

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