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Two more map tiles, this time adjacent to the road. What encounters await at this camp and clearcut?

Roadside Camp & Clearcut map tiles


These two roadside tiles should fit quite a number of items on your standard random travel encounters list!

Is it a friendly camp, or home to more sinister folk? Did humans fell these trees, or something large and angry? Perhaps the destruction of nature has attracted angry elves or spirits?

Let us know how you plan to use these tiles, and what encounters you think up!


Roadside Camp & Clearcut map tiles, night


Patrons also gain access to these spooky nighttime versions, for the parties who don’t believe in long rests!


Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License, thanks to our generous supporters. If you would like to use this map commercially, please contact me 🙂

These roadside tiles are FREE thanks to Patreon supporters such as:

Owen Eli Cook, Jackobi Forsyth, Matthew Southall, Patrick O’Hagan, Michael Scartaccini, Nicholas O’Sullivan, Joe Needles @Hi_Average_Joe, Andreas Pagitz, Simon Lawes, Michael Pace, Sam Wise, JR, Dantemagnum, Brian Barron, Michael Reading, D. Hunt @CanjeStudios, Gwilym Evans @gwilym_e, Shawn park, Tideturner @Hairlock, Jeff Sorensen @DelugeIA, Frugal GM, DawnforgedCast @DawnforgedCast, Trung Duong @untrung, Ryan Littlefield, charliefewsmith, Brandon Karratti @karratti, James Haeck @jamesjhaeck, Cansin Akcasoy, Joshua Renz, James Ball, Adam Henderson, Austin Auclair, Steffen Saldsieder, Shardrealms @ShardrealmsRyan, Glenn, Gilwainmok, superducky, FableButt @FableButt, eddy zrout, Rhea, Erik Miller, Håkon Eirik Grønlien, Matthew Kammes, Svalin, Matt Holmberg, Jain Deaux, Julien Therrien, Wilhelm Lehnhardt @3mporio, Andrew Guenther, Amy E. Miles, m00am, Paris, PrintableHeroes @PrintableHeroes, Andrew Bradley, Poptard, Holger Anderson, Sheenariel @Sheenariel, Blaine Conner, Emily Miller, Addison Duncan @AddisonDuncan, Mladen S., Malcolm Ross, Robert Midkiff @EnceladusRN, Josiah Barton, Tyler Crompton, Moritz Fornoff, Camnon, Stephen Bowyer, Charles Scott, Alex Hagerman, FreedomXIII, Matt, Connor Scott, RoninDude, Sean Connelly, GrizzlyBearon, Caleb Longshanks Lee, Drewbot, Tiana, Dawnbright., Paul, FinalFrog @finalfrog, Robert, Joel McKinnon @joeliemckinnon, Alex A, Sarah Minehan, RUNEHAMMER @HankerinFerinale, Jacob Hogan, Charles Thomson, Camilla Greer, Peter Fox, Jeffrey, Michael R Lynch, Richard StDenis, Tyler Moore, Tad Bumcrot, evilhomer10 @evilhomer10, Zak Wohlschlegel, Daniel, Ronnie Silverlake @shiruba_mizuumi, Peekay, spookyrumba @spookyrumba, Jorshuan, Maurice A Trejo Jr, Jonathan Phippin, Bruce McDonald, Gregory Wallsworth, Moritz, Allin Knight, Adam Brinkman, The Iron Circle, Adrian Xavier, DavidUm, Jesper Ohlsson, Charlie Crea, Justin Hunter, Michael Snow, The Reviewers’ Legacy @reviewerslegacy, Aryana Dromey @DromeyDungeons, derek gundrum, Jonathan Petersen, DeathStarJanitor @DStarJanitor, Jason Oliver, Ahria Rose-Klarenbeek, Tyrian @its_tyrian, Matt Frazita, drag drag, Aaron, Nicolas Rice, Carissa, Geoff, Anthony Patterson, Lachlan Anderson, Amanda Fensch, Ashfall Art @Ashfall_Art, Brittany Cole, Geoffrey Ingenbleek, Marleen Kaiser, Christopher Hird, William Hamilton, Sam Jordan, Galina Vitvitskaya, Dominic Wenger, Gregory Walsh, Ryan Bruin, Stephen Perkins, James Ramey, John Ackley, Dan Udey, Mingus Thingus, John Quinteros, Matt C. @mc_momo, SomethingWyqued, Calvin Clark, Jens Nielsen, Matt Carroll, Zachary Robinson, and all my other wonderful Patrons!




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Published: December 20, 2017
Tagged: battle map, blog

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