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A series of dark tunnels surround a large underground lake on a 44×32 canvas.

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Pooling Caverns - Limestone - Light - Large preview

Trickling water echoes throughout this confusing cave, and at its center is a wide lake doubtlessly home to some forgotten beast and rusting treasure. With all of its avenues, this map should keep your players busy for a session or two…

I’ve run this map myself already, after filling it with fungi-addled dwarves and their brood of giant toads. It very nearly became the grave to more than one of our adventuring party! They made it out by the skin of their teeth, with the best of the loot stuffed in their backpacks.

Pooling Caverns - Limestone - Dark - 44x32

Rooty is the mastermind behind this map’s variants, featuring subterranean overgrowth, desert sand, and a salty sea cave. Do you have any ideas yet for this map or its cousins? Let us know below!

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