Three narrow paths lead to this island’s flat peak, where there might rest a temple, statue, lighthouse, or other!



This island map, along with the Island Crossing, is loosely based on the Godai-dō Temple in Matsushima. Rest assured, a similarly inspired temple set piece is next on my list!

Whether your players are on the offense or defense, the dramatic elevation and dangerous walkways should make for a risky encounter. That said, it’s up to you how tall those cliffs are, and how happy the sea is to throw people against them!



The plateau roughly spans a 6×6″ area on the square grid. Besides the upcoming temple, here are a few of our set pieces which will also suit this island base; the Cosy Cottage, Lonely Tower, and Wooden Watchtower:



These 2-Minute Maps come with several grid and color options (even more than pictured above) with printable PDFs and virtual table top JPGs all included. If you are a supporter on Patreon (thank you!) you can download your exclusive rainy variant here.


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Published: December 13, 2016
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