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Droskar’s Crucible is a dungeon from the Pathfinder adventure “Crown of the Kobold King,” which Greg Rava has brought it to life with some masterful use of Photoshop and cardstock!

Greg Rava's Droskar's Crucible - Banner preview

Hi Ross!

I’m a huge fan of all the awesome work that you do – I pretty much exclusively use your battlemaps and assets to build maps for the campaigns I run. I wanted to share some of the maps I’ve built with your assets (along with one that I produced as a physical, puzzle-piece type map for my tabletop group!) for the community gallery!

[This one is] a version of Droskar’s Crucible, from the adventure Crown of the Kobold King. I built the map in Photoshop using your dungeon assets and furniture pieces (along with some finagling of other assets and a bit of my own drawing), then printed it and spray-mounted it to cardstock. Each room is it’s own piece, and the hallways come apart like puzzle pieces at the junctions. With the pandemic going on, I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but I’m really excited to!

– Greg Rava

Droskar's Crucible - Crown of the Kobold King - battle map 1
Click to zoom in!

I need to get myself some of this cardstock, because these tiles look amazing…

I’m sure you can agree that this looks like a blast to play on, and how convenient do the puzzle-piece joiners look? Amazing work, Greg!


Interested in the assets that Greg used to create these? You can download them below:

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  1. That’s awesome! I’ve done quite a bit of tiling using cardstock. The one tip I’d add is to take a black whiteboard marker and blacken the edges of the tiles. It REALLY improves the ‘finished’ look of the tiles.

    But your tiles look so much better than mine art-wise!

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