A small oasis in the midst of vast desert sands… But is it real, or a magical mirage?

Desert Oasis Battle Map, Banner


I’ve always leaned completely on my lines in my art, and I’d like to start rounding out my skill set with the occasional exercise in pure color-and-value paintings. After a lot of playing around, this is the first map I’m happy to share in the style.

As I got to thinking about flavor text I realized that the style change actually makes for a good desert oasis mirage map, as the lack of lines could be explained by the wavy, incorporeal nature of a magical mirage. So, perhaps this is a horrible trap set by a sand-aboleth, or the trick of a devious devil banished to this desert, or a different wicked creature with illusory magics?

Of course, it also makes for a great mundane oasis, where all sorts of mundane terrors await. Let us know of your encounter ideas in the comments!




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Published: January 30, 2018
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