The City Street

This cobbled street will bring some context to your collection of buildings, and makes for a spacious arena when the party runs into guards or drunks!

As you can see below, I’ve made a few variations this time. There’s the usual black/white/contrast grids and black & white/lineart map options, but also a grassy variant. If you’re a Patron, you’ll also find a nighttime version in your inbox!

Please note: The buildings in the feature image are purely for demonstration; the City Street map is purely a backdrop for our collection of set pieces.


You can download the City Street below:

DOWNLOAD City Street

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Great map as usual. Always waiting for new content. Your work is very inspirational.

James Johonnott

Fantastic! I’ve been combining the set pieces with a dry erase map or WOTC dungeon tiles, and this will work much better. Checking for your work is one of the highlights of my week!


All your work is such a masterpiece, I love every map so far. Couldn’t wait to see more new content. Keep it up Ross!

Vincent Legault

This is a great addition to all your other urban building! A “must download” for me!


Thank you very much for your job!
Your maps are awesome.
Today I found your website, but understood that I played on your maps before))


I just found your stuff and its so great. As a player new to DnD they’re really easy to play with. Keep up the amazing art! 🙂

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