Castle Siege Weapons

Eleven distinct weapons of war, ready for print or use on a virtual table top!



Who knows when those mountain orcs will strike, and what foul inventions they will bring with them? Orcs or not, these siege weapons are ready to go for whatever scenario you cook up;

Perhaps there is a siege, and your party must choose a side? Are they the ones pushing the ram, or the ones raining fiery arrows down upon it? Maybe the attacking army have developed an immense cannon capable of felling walls in a single shot, and the party must sabotage it before it can do any harm? Or it may be that an old general has built an elaborate set of traps guarding his tomb, made from the siege weapons he used to conquer the known world ages ago?

Let me know what adventure hooks you can think up in the comments below!



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These tokens are FREE to use thanks to:

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Castle Siege Weapons

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  1. Nice weapons drawings! They will be just what I need to put fit a surge layout for my new castle and siege display for a medieval reenactment. I play the part of a military engineer.

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