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Eagle-eyed 2MT fans might have noticed a gorgeous space background peeking through Vladir Winter’s incredible Shattered Sky map. Well, Vladir has generously released not just one, but two versions of that background so you can create your own cosmic battlefields!

Huge thanks again, Vladir, for your fantastic work. We know our community will appreciate these free additions! You can grab them by redownloading either of the Shattered Sky products, or alternatively, they’re available here for your convenience!


Have you claimed this pack before? Simply re-download the ‘Master ZIP’ from your Downloads page or downloads email. Otherwise, you can claim it in one of the packs below…

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I help Ross with a chunk of the background work so he has more time for the part he loves, the artwork! When I'm not doing that, I'm working on my own maps & articles to assist you in your worldbuilding. :)

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